Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ah.... What?

I don't watch much TV. Haven't in years to be honest. For the past four years I have been hooked on Lost. I blame The Other Half as she forced me to watch the first episode when it first came on, and I don't think I have missed an episode yet, even when I have to travel for work.

Lost is one of the series that you kind of get sucked into and if you come late, you are totally lost... No pun intended. It has just enough Science Fiction elements to keep a true geek like myself enthralled, but enough of the high drama to keep it intriguing.

We just finished the latest episode tonight, and the Losties finally made it back to the Island, but it is 1977... Don't ask, long story! :) But Hurley (played by Jorge Garcia), one of my favorite characters, didn't get it and thus his best quote in weeks and the title of this post. :)

So, why do I bring up my one true TV addiction? I don't know, other then it would be a great setting for a game. I could see it as a spectacular setting for a cloak and dagger RPG setting with lots of backstabbing and intrigue. But I really think it would rock as a cooperative game. All the Losties working together to get off the island, but one is secretly a Hostile plotting against the players. Throw in a four toed statue and a pit of dead Dahrma folks, and you got yourself a humdinger of great plot line!

On other gaming news, I spent Tuesday night playing Race for the Galaxy. We got three four player and one five player games in over the course of the evening. I love this game. It is different everytime, you aren't sure if your going to win until the end. First was a learning game with Smitty, Erik, Eric, and I. Eric won with a mining strategy. Second & third game was Norm, Erik, Smitty, and I with Smitty number two and me number three. Last game was same players but added College Dan to the mix. I one that in a suprise finsih using aliens 6 point development card. Good times!

Hoping to get a bit more board game action over the weekend before I head out on my trip. We shall see.


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