Sunday, March 29, 2009

Battles update

On Saturday I went to the Shoppe to play a few games. Planned on a bit of Warmachine as well as a game of War of the Ring with Heath in the evening.

I was the odd man out for WM to start, but Dan L. showed up late and we played a 350 MM/TC. I played Cygnar with Haley, Lancer, Hunter and Cent. Dan played Circle with Baulder, Woldwarden, Woldwyrd, and Warp Wolf. I was going good, having taken out the Wyrd with the hunter and using Temporal Barrier effectively to kill the Warp Wolf with the Cent. What I forgot was Baulder's combo to place a wood and jump. I placed Haley too close and it all aligned good for Haley to get crushed by Baulder's big stone sword.

Game two we played a 2v2. Mike and I played Cygnar with Striker (w/ Squire), Haley, Sword Knights x2 (one w/ UA), min Trencher, min Long Gunner, Alyanna and Holt, Jr. Cent with UA of SK, Lancer and Cent with Haley, Striker with Lancer and Hunter. We played against Doug and Adam that had Skorn. They played Makeda & Xerxis, 3 Cyclops, Titan Cannoneer, Ancestral Guardian,
Extoller, Void Spirit x2, Cataphract Arcuarii, Cetrati x2, Ferox, and Praetorian Swordsmen.

Mike and I loaded the righ flank heavy with the Sword Knights and most of the 'Jacks. Trencher, Long Gunners, and A&H took the left flank. Adam and Doug focused the big Cetrati forces in the middle with the Ferox on our left. The plan for Mike and I was to snipe the long gunners for 7" and have them ping all day long. Didn't happen. The Ferox ran up to engage the trenchers then leaped over the next turn to eat the long gunners. Holt stood his ground versus the Ferox, even if his 'Job' died. On the right flank the sword knights swooped in to roll up the flank. Striker Earthquaked the two ends of the Cetratie that ususally clipped the Titam if not Xerxis too. That with Temple Barrier and enough reach 'Jacks the two SK units did a pretty good job of sweeping the right. In the end we called the game with a 1/2 dead titan and Makeda left and two mostly full SK units + 'Jacks swooping in. It was a solid game.

Afterwards, Heath and I played a 1500 point game of War of the Ring. My Dwarf List was 3 companies of Warriors w/ Hand weapons & Shield, 3 companies of Warriors w/ Great weapons, 2 company of archers, 3 company of Rangers w/ bow upgrade, 2 companies of the Elite Rangers w/ throwing weapons, a Ballista, Gandalf and Balin. Heath had Warg Riders, 2 unit of Hurki Troopers, 1 big block of Pikeman, a specialty scout unit, a Troll, 2 companies of crossbowmen, Sappers, and Bezerkers.

My Lines - Ambushes on the left of this picture, but off screen, hiding in woods.

Heath's Lines

One of the cool aspects of this game is that things die... In droves... Heath had some great luck running getting a '6' on a lot of his magic test that usually gave him far better results then my own. More pics can be found here. I did several errors in placement. I should have had my Vault Wardens in the middle, so the flanks were protected. As I had them it allowed the unit of scouts to get through the woods and eliminate their big 10 Defense. Magic is another new point we added. I could get zero luck on the damn rolls. When you cast a spell, a roll of a '1' means it failed, end of magic. I must have gotten six ones. When I did get the magic combo off I wanted, it was pretty cool, but I think I got it only once in the last minutes of the game.

In the end I had my 3 companies of Rangers with bows left. Heath had his crossbowmen and a small unit of Hurki that Lurtz zipped too to get out of range.

Solid game, can't wait for the book so I can actually read through the rules better.

To the bridge of Khazad-dum!


Chris said...

Very nice report... I'm liking this game more and more!

JP's RPG Blog said...

Hey Chris!

Agreed. The mechanics are pretty straight forward and I am looking forward to getting my grubby hands on the book so I can actual get the rules down. Are you building an Army?


Chris said...

I would like to read the book before I fully take the plunge, but more than likely yes! If anything, it would provide a nice painting break and an excuse to pick up some models from the range that I like.

JP's RPG Blog said...

That is fair. Just note that as long as some models equals around 120-200, then you should be OK. :)