Friday, April 3, 2009

War of the Ring is Here! War of the Ring is Here!

After working a twelve hour day yesterday in service to the country (fourteen if you count the travel and gym time (Yes I went to the gym... I hurt... Another story...)) and a getting a big presentation done for work at noon, I choose to sneak out early to go pick up my copy of War of the Ring.

Not a full review, but a quick note that I'll be reading this for a bit of time. 328 pages of material will take some time to digest. It has a table of contents and an Index which are both welcome from the last GW book I purchased, going on four years now I guess. Some things I am looking forward to getting into more detail is the Fortunes and Fates as well as getting a better understanding of the Heroes actions and how to pull them off.

I also found out that the Dwarves get a Monster! King's Champion! He is pricey at 175, but gets a Fight of 8 and 3 attacks plus his own Might. Add in 'For the King' and he could get 6 attacks on his own w/ a charge while attacking first and having Very Hard to Kill. Mmmmm...

I'll post more as I digest!

"Axes of the Dwarves! The Dwarves are upon you!"


Chris said...

Nice... I will be picking up mine this weekend!

JP's RPG Blog said...

So far the production quality is pretty good. My 'big' concern is the timing. The WM MkII open beta starts this week too. Too much to read, not enough time...


Chris said...

I agree... I have found minimal typos so far, which is pretty rare for a GW publication.

My biggest impression so far is you weren't kidding when you said I would be painting a shitton of models!