Monday, April 6, 2009

Warmachine Mk II Field Test

What a busy few days in gaming town. Last Friday I get the War of the Ring book and Monday Privateer Press starts the Field Test for Warmachine MkII. If you haven't heard, Privateer is doing an 'open beta' for Mk II, hoping to find those ugly combos now before they have to errata them in the future! It is a great concept, but could have some costly repercussions by alienating players that don't like change.

The open field test provides every stat for every model made to date for Warmachine. If you have been interested in the game, it is a great chance to look over the new material and see what you think for free. Of course all the pretty graphics are gone, but that is OK for the moment.

I haven't digested the whole 67 page rule book yet, but here are some of the big things I noticed and think will affect the game greatly:
  • Point Restructure - We were warned that the point structure was going to change, but we had no clue the significant way it would happen. First off, casters are free and provide bonus points for warjacks. Second, the points for figs dropped by one order of magnitude give or take a point or two. So an Iron Clad use to run you 110 and know it runs 7. Regular Colman Stryker gets a 6 free Warjack points, so he only has to pay 1 point for the Iron Clad out of the game total.
  • Game Size - Fits nicely with the point restructure. They have removed the epic point structure, bring them to play at any value, but they have also changed the number of casters that can be fielded base on the type of game. For example you can play a Battle Royal at either 100, 125, or 150 points and take up to two warcasters in the mix, plus their free warjack points. So I Play Haley and Stryker at 100 point game, I can have 11 free points of warjacks and 100 points of other stuff.
  • Warjacks Get Better - All 'Jacks had a bump in MAT/RAT. This was needed. In addition they gain all their damage boxes. Mk1 required you to only loose three systems to be out of the game, but now you have to take the whole 'Jack out. Plus, loosing a system, only drops the number of dice you throw for damage (al'a Hordes) and not loose the system. This is a great move to make 'Jacks more valuable. In addition the 'Jacks gain a new focus ability. This leads to...
  • Focus: Shake Effect - Now your Caster and your 'Jack can spend a focus during the control phase to stand up and/or get rid of stationary. This is kind of huge. No more pop and drop or Icy Gaze being a end game if you are on the wrong end. It might cost you more, but it isn't the end.
  • Consolidated Standard Rules - They went all MonPoc on the icons. Not sure why, I think most of us can read fine, but it is their.
  • Unit Leaders - You can self promote a unit leader from a grunt when he dies.
  • Formation - A unit is in formation 'if' it is within the CMD of the Unit Leader. Those out do not receive orders and must move/run to try and get in formation. Those out at the end of a turn, must test or flee.
  • Fleeing - If a model/unit flees, it happens on your next activation, not in the maintenance phase and it must run not towards an enemy. Some discussion if you actually have to move the fleeing model.
I'm sure I'll have more later. Going to be trying these out on Tuesday (I hope) at the Shoppe to get a feel for the army construction and play.

Iron Clads Ho!

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