Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stern! Why he is nothing but...

Didn't do much today.  Weather was bad out and we really didn't get much accomplished except groceries.

I did play four solo games of Race for the Galaxy.  I wish there was an on-line version I could tap into.  I went 3-1 which is pretty good for me.  Here is a quick look at how it broke up:
  • Game one was Doom World vs. Robot's Damaged Alien Factory.  I won 29 to 24 using a VP build, which is usually pretty dangerous aganist the robot as it can usually out produce you. 
  • Game two was New Sparta vs. Epsilon Erandi.  Robot won 31 to 20.  I tried to beat the robot at getting planets out, but didn't have any thing to back up the scores.
  • Game three was Speratist Colony vs. New Sparta.  I won this game 41 to 39 using the military build strategy and New Galactic Order to get VP for military.
  • Game four was Anchient Race vs. Epsilon Erandi.  I took this one as well 46 to 33 with a strong Alien and New Galactic Order sweep.
New updates on the totals can be found here at the link.

I also spent sometime painting my War of the Rings while having Heavy Metal on in the background.  I hadn't seen it in years and it was pretty cheesy.  It seems many of my long time 'favoraties' are a bit cheesy now that time has passed.  Funny how that works.  

The unit that I am working on is my favoriate unit for the WotR Dwarves, the Ered Luin Rangers, and they are all but done.  The unit is finished and I'm touching up the command section with some details as they were conversions from other plastics.  The painting isn't great, but it will do for tabletop.  I'll post a pics later.  What makes Ered Luin Rangers so good?  Ambush and Master Pathfinder.  They can get on the other side, behind the lines.  I'm thinking of adding Gimli to the mix so I can 'Toss the Dwarf' as well as throw axes before the charge!

a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm!

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