Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday Gaming... Sort of :)

Saturday was light on gaming as I hung around the house or was out eating with The Other Half. For gaming I spent some time on Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. With the 'newish' PC, I can play the larger maps with out too much sluggishness in the system. I'm on the brink of winning that game, but then I usually cheat and play on one of the lower settings too. :p

After dinner The Other Half and I sat down and played two games of Rummikub, a tile game based on the Rummy card game. We usually have a decent time as we play, although our styles of play are different as we seemed to be in reverse gear on acknowledging when we were done or still going. I went 0-2 the night on Rummikub as The Other Half took both games and left me with 1 and 3 tiles respectively. We don't keep score, but she did a good job of snuffing me tonight. While we play, I hook up the little notebook and we listen to Pandora Radio. She has a mixed channel of Symphonic Rock and my John Williams station. Pretty eclectic mix but good listening while we play games, besides, like she says, it's like a present each time a new song starts!

When we wrapped up, The Other Half went off to read and I broke out Race for the Galaxy for a few solo games. I did much better tonight having won 50% of my games (2-2). I've updated the spreadsheet for those statistic geeks. Not as exciting as following the baseball box scores for some, but just as good for others! :) I won, with of all things, Old Earth and New Sparta. The best part was that I only lost by a total of 3 VP with the two games I lost. The trick seems to be that you have to really engage early and not let the Robot develop a strong VP pool. Also I am pretty excited about the next set too. It comes out next month (I think) and will allow players to attack from one player to another bringing more direct player involvement then before.

Late add: Nuke-Con is running their games day, Aftershock, on 2 May. I've signed up to run Race for the Galaxy, Pandemic, and Formula D. No WM/HD, but if you want a fund day of gaming pretty cheap you can get the details from the Nuke-Con site. These folks do a lot of hard work to try and bring the different game groups together. I felt it would be fun to just do some boardgames this time around.

That is about it for the moment. I'll be posting another post shortly, but it is a different story and I did not want to cross the streams. And why don't we cross the streams?

It would be bad.

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