Friday, April 24, 2009

Mulch 0, JP 1

I beat Mulch at its own game.  I took off work a bit early and my shovel and I tore into Mulch like it was dead wood!  Take that you bastard!  The Other Half helped when she got home from work and we finished up the 'game of Mulch' at about 1830.

Not getting much gaming in this weekend.  I missed out on the road trip to Mage Con.  I haven't been in years, but the team up there puts on a good show.   I am going to try an be more proactive about the fall event and see if I can get that kitchen pass early.  Chris D. is doing blogging from on site if you wanted to keep up to date.  Look forward to hearing how the mega battle turns out.  Looks like WAY too many super-heavies!

In other news, it looks like those lucky goons going to GenCon this year will get a chance to see the newest faction for Warmachine.  How is this for a teaser?

The Retribution look to be the 'early release' event for GenCon...  Big questions remain on if it will be Mk I or Mk II out the door...  I think this was a sly ploy by Privateer.  Announcing a Mk II in March, they must have known that they would get a bit of a slow down in sales.  The Retribution Fan Boys (TM) will salivating to get these, regardless of rules set allowing they to weather any bad turn until Mk II hits the streets full force.

I 'might' get a game in this weekend...  I'll let you know.

Take that Mulch!

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