Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magnus Vs. eIrusk

Magnus looked across the field and muttered a curse.  The Four Star had been paying him well, but it wasn't enough to deal with Khador, especially that ass Irusk.  Every since his defeat last fall he carried that damn flag everywhere.  Supreme Kommander indeed.  Seemed Irusk was set to interdict the shipment of goods and he brought some reinforcements.  A full unit of Winter Guard to include those new rocket launchers and a Lieutenant and another flag.  Really, what is with the flags!  They were off to the left behind the outcrop of trees.  Irusk had a pair of 'Jacks, a Destroyer and a Kodiak that has seen some rough spots and seemed to be 'tuned' to Irusk...  Poor Bastard!  A mortar team was on the left of the Destroyer...  That would be a pain.   Glint caught his eye as he spied a set of Widowmaker snipers on the far right trees.   A few shadows blurred in the woods to the left, that could only mean one thing.  Manhunters, maybe even Yuri himself.  Magnus always liked Yuri, a bloodthirsty bastard after his own heart...  Too bad he was on the wrong side of the coin.

Magnus looked at his own forces hired for the job.  Some old faces he hadn't seen in years.  Sam and her Devil Dogs, along with an old Nomad that Sam had in tow.  He had brought a pair of his own Renegades and a Mangler to help himself and good old Boomhowler on his left.  Hadn't seen that old blue fart in years.   In step behind the Renegades, the old Master Gunner Dougal MacNaile, in his bare feet and out  on a bit of freelance. 

"Move it out boys!" Magnus yelled out.  He sent his thoughts out to the Renegades to run forward into position as he ensured that the Mangler was under the Iron Agenda before moving himself.  Both Sam and Boomhowler moved their teams at a full clip towards the enemy.

It was then that Irusk kicked his mules in gear...  Move forward they did, the whole lot, heck even Yuri popped out of the woods in attempt to charge, but ended up short against one of Sam's Dogs.  Shots to the far left confirmed the widowmakers were present as a some of Boomhowler's kin's famous constitution gave away. 

Sam's Dogs tried to step in range of those slug guns to shoot Yuri, but failed to connect...   That is going to hurt soon.  Mean while, Boomhowler ran forward and engaged those pesky widowers to keep them from shooting.   MacNaile gave the Renegades a bit of extra powder, and the damn things went flying.  A good chunk of Winter Guard were gone and the Destroyer was knocked over on his ass as well.  The Mangler charged in with his wrecking ball and took several might swings on the Kodiak, but only getting some minor damage.  It was now or never, so Magnus reached deep within and ordered the battlegroup to redeploy.  Both the Renegades back pedaled and the Mangler ran back to Magnus' aid.

The Manhunter's did their thing, moving in.  Yuri's new Thresher Axe took out four dogs in a single blow while his old buddy took another.  Sam shouted a few commands of encouragement and the reaming dogs stood fast.  As Magnus watched, the Winter Guard Bobbed and Weaved their way to engage the closest Renegade while the Kodiak charged in on the Mangler, making quick work of it.  The Mortar crew tossed a bomb out for effect and took a chunk off Mangus, while the widow makers tried to hit the Trolls with their wimpy swords.

Tides were changing and not for the better as Magnus could see his left flank become jelly.  Sam called up her Nomad and had his Caspian blade get the needed boost to take out Yuri, while the other dogs cornered the Manhuter's buddy and remove him from action.  Boomhowler belched out a scary song, forcing the Widowmakers to be afraid.   The Master Gunner, his duties done with the Renegades, ran to confront the Destroyer...  What was that damn fool doing!   The Renegade attacked the Kodiak and then Magnus charged over the wreckage of the Mangler  to finish it off.  It was a deadly spot, but something had to stop that thing.

Now things were getting interesting.  Irusk busted forward into the scene to finish off Sam's Nomad just off to Magnus' left.  That is just too close.  The Winter Guard focused attacks on the one remaining Renegade and took attacks with grapshot at the few remaining dogs.  The Widowmakers continued to be stuck in a odd battle between beast and man with neither being able to finish the other off.  The Destroyer stepped up and lobbed one last shell towards Magnus just to add insult to injury. 

Magnus began to sweat as he tried to puzzle his way out of this predicament.  No heavies left and only a damaged Renegade to control.  Oddly, the Master Gunner moved forward and shot the mortar team in half, then Boomhowler moved his kin to engage both the remaining mortar team member and the remaining Widowmakers and howled again in attempt to cause the panic.  No go this time.  Sam and her last two dogs took out the Winter Guard Lieutenant and a fried, but were not as useful as Magnus would have liked.     With nothing left to do, Magnus moved away from Irusk and tried to finish off the Destroyer, coming very close, but leaving the weapon arm remaining.   The gig looked to be up.

With little fanfare, the Destroyer, with a gentle push, swung at Magnus and took him down.  Magnus, as is his way, laid still in hopes that they would think he was dead, the contract was over, no need to die without a reason.  There would be other days.


In other news.  Nuke Con Game Day is coming Saturday.  I'm running and playing a few board games if your around.  No pressure good games.

Also, Carl from Springfield, MO got his War of the Ring site up and running.  Check out the site as it would be nice to generate a bit of discussion on some of the finer points.

Magnus go bye-bye

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