Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hodpoge of suff...

A few quick things to set the day in motion.

Friday, the Other Half and I went to Sushi Japan for dinner. That in and of itself is nothing new, but given that I am on my Farewell Tour (more on this later) we took the opportunity to sit at the bar and let Chef Zac make what he wanted. Zac did a great job. I had some collar and Red Snapper which was great. The Other Half even liked the Poke and the Salmon Lomi Lomi which is saying something. We spent about two hours at the bar, I had a nice tall Kirin Ichiban that was quite yummy.

I watched 'They Live' after thinking about it last month. I was doing laundry while watching it, trying to get some of the Sunday chores done and all. Roddy Piper doesn't do a real great job as actor, does he? Keith David, as Frank, does a good job. The alley fight scene was great. I had forgotten that Meg Foster was in this. Here eyes are just freaky wrong to me, to the point of being spooky and distracting. I think she is scarier then Carnys, honest. The movie was fun and mindless, but John Carpenter's execution is just pretty blah. The story potential is great and I wouldn't be surprised to see this hit the remake marry-go-round. As with all good geekiness, check out these two videos. :)

Cripple Fight!

Finally, I got a note back from The Original Hot Carl. Seems WM Weekend will be in mid October and TBD on the whole integrate with another convention thing. On a side note, Carl is working on establishing a website dedicated to War of the Rings. it is called Epic Strike. It is very much a work in progress at this point, but he hopes to have a forum and blog like action to help grow the community to a great game.

Put on the glasses!


Chris said...

Check out the Last Alliance for a decent WoTR forum... although the navigation is horrible, the information there is pretty good.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Thanks Chris.

I've been here before and keep checking it out, but last time they didn't have a dedicated WotR section. It seems that much of the SBG section is over run with WotR... I hope Carl can gain some traction once he gets it up and running at full steam.