Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not my type of game...


It isn't a very fun game.  Especially when you have 11 yards.  How much is a 11 yards of mulch?  It is as much as you can fill in a truck about this size, or an other words, a snot load.  Yesterday from about 2pm and again today from about 5pm The Other Half and I spent most of that time loading the wheel barrel and moving the mulch to the back, then spreading it around.  I am really glad that The Other Half is helping, because it would have slowed me WAY down if I had to load, dump and spread.  We are just over half way there and hope to get it done tomorrow night as the T-storms are working there way in over the weekend.  Either way it has got to get done and soon, I'm not sure my knees can take much more of it!

I did get two games of Race for the Galaxy in with the Elder.  The first game we tried the optional 'drafting' rules in the back of the expansion.  In this version you get two home worlds to choose from and you create a custom deck that you use for your pull and discard piles.  It took a lot longer to set up.  The Elder took the game 37:33 with this version.  She had a rapid build going on with a strong rebel flavor.  I was 'trying' for a run on the '6' cards, but didn't get enough bonus points for them.  The second game we played regular.  I got the Galactic Resort (2 goods for 3 VP) and the 3 point alien world (Toy Shop?) that gives you 2 VP for its good.  I x2 VP twice to take 20 VP, plus used the Merchant World to discard for 2 additional VP.  Took that game 39:23 I think.  I got a good lucky draw that allowed me to place it into play pretty quickly.

That is it for now.  I'll post more later if I get any games in this weekend.

RftG 4tw

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