Tuesday, April 14, 2009

50 Point Mk II Game

Hi de ho,

Tonight Phillip and I tried out the Mk II rules using a 50 point game. Let me start with saying that 50 points buys you alot more then you got in a 500 point game and very close +/- to a 750 point feel.

I ran the following:
Magnus w/ 2 Renegades & Talon
Sam & Devil Dogs (10) w/ Mangler & Mule
Boomhowler (6)
Gordman 'de Wolf
Ogrun Bokur

Phillip (from memory) ran:
Reznik w/ Vanquisher, Castigator, Revenger, Dervish, & Reckoner
3 Wracks
Exemplar Knights (10)
Choir (Max)
Sun Burst and Crew

Phillip had first turn and spent most of it advancing the line and I did the same, except for Bailock that took out of the Exemplars and Magnus cast Iron Aggression (Frenzy replacement) on the Mangler.

Round two the Sunburst crew shot at the Mangler that Sam was Marshaling and rolled an 11 for the blast damage on Sam to take her out of the game way to early. The Exemplars ran up closer to Boomhowler on one side. My turn two Bailock took another two Exemplars (the pattern starts) and the Boomhowler ordered a charge on a few others. The new Unit Commander of the Dogs (we will call him Bob) moved his team up and tried to CRA one of the Exemplars, but missed. Magnus had upkept Iron Agenda and gave three focus to one of the Renagades. MacDougle gave the same Renegade artillerist and let it fire away on the Vanquisher in the middle of the board. Did some good damage and three points to the Vassal hiding behind. Unfortunately, the Covenant was reading 'Thou Shalt Not Be Knocked Down' and did so every single round. The Mangler charged for free thanks to Iron Agenda towards the Castagator on the hill. A solid hit, but low damage followed. Mags cast the new Blur (100% better) on himself, but was till on fire from a previous Menoth attack. The Ogrun charged the Reckoner, but being that he is a shadow of his formal self, didn't do anything of note. Wash repeat with Talon who took a double shot from the Vanquisher thanks to the Vassel earlier.

Note: Hot Jack on Jack action is so much cooler in MkII. The 'Jacks don't need to usually boost to hit, but the extended usefulness of the 'Jacks helps them stick around. As an example the Mangler lasted about two turns longer then he should, doing full damage to the Castigator thanks to two movement boxes he had left.

Turn Three saw the Exemplar's charge Boomhowlers gang and the Bob's Devil Dogs. Lucky for me Rupert had Marched the Dogs and I only lost one while one of Boomers guys made his tough roll. The Menoth heavies squished the Ogrun and Talon. Not pretty. New choir rules had them spread across the line vice in single line back to the end. Raznik did some spells... I think...
MacDugal called for double rations and the Mule got a lucky Crit devastation on the Vanquisher and Reckoner throwing them back 5" and 6" respectively plus ran over two chior guys and the Vassal. The spent Renegade charged the Dervish and hurt it some. The other Renegade dropped another power 18 shell on the Vanquisher. In a MkI game, the Vanq and Reckoner would have been out, but the Mk II they are still viable and in the fight. Boomhowler charged the Reclaimer and a Exemplar, and tried to run a guy to the Sunburst, but the dang Reclaimer's 4" damage zone was in effect. Bailock took out two more Exemplar.

Turn Four had Resnik take out the last boxes of the Mangler, the Castigater run towards my line, the Vanquisher moved and shot and the Reckoner ran up. I could see the charge lane forming with Resnik, but didn't have much I could do. I ran Bob's Devil Dogs in the charge lane in a vain hope to clear out the way. I 'should' have popped my feat but forgot.

Final turn, Phillip cleaned the lane with a Castigator and Vanquisher then cast Engine of Destruction (+2 Spd, +4 MAT, +4 STR), which is WAY to cheap, for the benefit, especially with a Hierophant near by to drop the cost to one. In sweeps Reznik and with one MAT 11 attack destroys Magnus that had taken two fire test in the game. Ouch.

Overall it was a good game that swung both ways in the who was in charge side. Phillip started with some great advantages, but I took a good swipe of his flank and pushed his 'Jacks back to slow the advance. My only complaint and what I just submitted feedback on was Reznik's Engine of Destruction. For two focus he gets +2 SPD, +4 MAT, +4 STR. That is three major character stat bumps, two of them twice the norm and the largest cumulative bump I think in the game, let alone for two focus. To pull of the same thing for a Merc list, I would have to take multiple spells and/or abilities to gain an matching capability for one stat, let alone two or three. For example, I could give an Ogrun a client & charge a model that Aiyanna had cast Kiss of Lyiss (Ogrun now at +4 MAT and +4 DMG). If Ashlynn is the caster I can cast Quicken on the Ogrun for +2 Spd and achieve the same effect as Reznik's one spell at two focus. For those following along at home that is the combination of two special rules (Client, Powerful Charge), one Special action (Kiss of Lyiss) and one 3 focus spell (Quicken) or just cast Engine of Destruction for 2.

Anyways, I am still liking MkII very much and hope to run some sort of mini event to finalize the month.

Destruct the Engine


Warjack Prime said...

Ha! It 'twas a good game, John! By the way, the Hierophant didn't help with casting Engine of Destruction since that's an action and movement comes first, but I did pull one off a Wrack! Ha!

Did you know Feora has Engine of Destruction too? Not as bad as Blood of Kings though.

I actually left feedback that I thought Soulstorm on the Reclaimer was too powerful.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Hey Dude,

It was a good game. I posted the EoD on the boards in a super secret hidden PG board and DC brought up a point I hadn't thought about. Because it is target = self, it helps lower the cost of the spell since it has a limited (although potent) target set vice target = Battle Group, Model, Model/Unit.