Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday Games

I was late getting out of work due to the boss's, boss's boss being late in all his meetings.  The 1500 moved to 1600 which started 20 minutes late.  When we got set to go, he kicked out the group after us saying he didn't have time for them.  We planned for 30 minutes got 5.  Hmpf. 

I really wasn't in the mood for WM/HD so I conned Becky and Heath into a few games of Race for the Galaxy.  Heath took both games.  Game one was a cluster all the way around.  Heath had a rebellion strategy working while I had a bunch of windfalls, but no real cohesive point builder.  Becky was just trying to remember some of the finer points of the game.  I ended the game as quickly as I could, hoping to limit Heath's ability to build up points and was shy 3 VP.  Game two had Heath out the gate strong early.  He had some solid Alien cards and ended with a great hand with three '6' point cards in play and a bunch aliens.  Mega bonuses.  I had Alpha Centauri and tried for the browns, but couldn't pull a useful '6' pointer.  I did run a single x2 VP, but it was a drop in the bucket to Heath's 40+ VP.  Becky did much better and had a planet building machine with Improved Logistics (x2 Settle) and Terraforming Robots for the extra Settle Card.

Overall it was fun games.  It felt a bit disconnected at times, but Becky had to mind the store.  I really would like to get a few dozen more games in so I can get a better grasp of the multiplayer strategies.

Other then that, it has been quite.  Have a mess load of stuff going on at the house today.  Repair man for the bathroom, bug guys, and 11 yards of Mulch (That is 1/2 a dump truck)…  It will be a long and sore weekend.

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