Saturday, April 18, 2009

One Month, New Life

So... Where to begin... You have seen my references to the 'Farewell Tour' that I have undertaken to local area restaurants and the assorted links to different medical procedures. Here is the skinny (pun intended).

In one month, 18 May, I will undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery. I'll be out of action for about three weeks depending on how the surgery goes and the post operation. It will suck up all my sick time at work plus an additional 8 days they are letting me go in the hole for.

Why am I doing this? Well, for those that actually know me can take a look and see that I am too heavy, for those that can't, lets just say I am on the wrong side of 300 lbs. My knees kill me when ever I stand or when I use the stairs. My back hurts every morning and gets wrenched easily. I have to make a serious conscious decision if/when I need to bend over/down for anything. Bending is just not done with out forethought. I'm on more medications then I care to be and I'm connected to a breathing machine every night to keep the apnea at bay.

The easy reaction is to say, 'Hey, just loose weight ya fat bastard!' and, well, I've tried. I've tried Weight Watchers, Body for Life, Low Carb/High Protein, slowing down, eating less, hitting the gym... I've tried and not been very successful at any of them for any length of time. I know what your suppose to do. It isn't rocket science after all. Eat 1500-1800 calories a day and work out for 30 minutes four times a week. But if your on the wrong side of the numbers... That is just damn hard.

Here is what I gain with the surgery. Immediate relief from all but one of my meds. That alone is going to reduce my monthly bills. The inability to over eat, which truth be told, is the main damn reason I am in this position. Eliminate 100% my chances of getting diabetes related to weight issues. In time, the ability to bend. 1/3 of my current body weight. With some effort, I hope to loose about 100 lbs and have a new eating pattern that is better for me and those around me. Without effort, the Doctor says that I should expect to loose 70-80 lbs.

It is just going to be hellish for a few weeks/months as this process gets going. Starting on the 8th, I've got to start a 'liquid' diet to help 'make room' for the surgery procedure. That is ten days of strained soups, protein shakes, and instant breakfast. Yummy. After the surgery, more of the same as the stitches in the stomach heal. As it heals, I'll get to start adding soft solids, then regular solids... The trick is that my 'new' stomach will only hold 3 oz of stuff, be it water or food and some foods (different for each person) just don't work any more.

As the weight starts to come off, I'll be at the gym in the morning (already started thanks to the Eldest schedule) to help speed the loss a bit along and re-gain some lost cardiovascular strength. I also hope to start a weight lifting routine a few months after the surgery.

It took over year of 'working' with different insurance companies, but finally switching to the government helped move the last of the road blocks along and get me going.

For my gaming life, I think it will be pretty light except for some solo games and a bit of computer activity. I am told that the surgery drains a lot out of you as you under go some pretty dramatic cutting and stitching so even the desk job is going to be a bit much for a few weeks. I think I'll MIA from Tuesday WM nights for at least a month and the Saturday D&D game may have a bit of an extra long gap between games.

Despite this being a 'gaming blog' I'll be posting updates on the procedure as well as some photos of progress... But have no fear faithful readers, games will still be part of the action, even if I'm not in the direct action for a bit of time.

So until the 18th, let those dice roll as they may and remember that if it ain't flat, it's cocked. :)

T-minus 30 days.

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