Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Roles and the Ki Power Source

With the conversation with Rob started up, I got to thinking on how they would cover the four basic classes for a Ki power source. What I hope doesn't happen is that PHB 3 becomes 'Oriental Adventures' for 4e. I liked OA when it was released for 1e, but I just don't see it fitting into the current setting. Wizards would have to make an alternate setting, which would 'spoil' the classes for the classic setting. I feel that they can reach into other cultures past Japan and China to acquire more Ki power classes that would make the book diverse enough, but still fit within the context of the points of light setting. It may be a reach at times, namely because the concept of Ki is a pretty heavy Chinese/Japanese concept, but if the book also includes another new power source (elemental?) maybe it will help dilute the issue too.

Below are some of my thoughts, feel free to chime in with yours.

Monk - This is a no brainer. The question for me, is will it be a Striker or a Defender? I think it would make a real interesting change to make it a Defender and let another class take on the Striker roll, but I'll most likely be wrong. Plus the concept of 'monk' can be taken from Japan to China, to India, to middle ages. In fact it would be quite fun to run him as an traditinal monk with the circle haircut and brown robes! Of course he would have to have the beer making ritual.

Immortal - This would be the Striker class for me. I think it would be cool to see powers that would stare down the bad guy. Builds would both have bow/ranged abilities but have a strong melee use that could follow Sword (Samurai) or Spear (Persian style).

Dervish or Sufist - I would see this one being a 'combat controler' that would sweep through an enemy line doing lots of little hits (bye-bye minions) and enemy movement for better position. This combined with Ki magic actions could be a cool list.

Mystic - Could be a leader with the healing and buff capabilities from the Ki power source.

So what is missing? Ninja? Yea, I know. But I think you can play the ninja using the current rouge. You get throwing stars, heavy stealth, hand crossbows, any small weapon you like... What more do you need? Heck Eldacar just needs to dress in black Gi and Tabi's and I would have a Halfling Ninja in the party right now.

So those are some quick thoughts... Anyone else have an idea?

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