Friday, March 13, 2009

One Week, One Scolding

Adam, a true gentlemen if ever one existed or at least he fakes it pretty well, let it be known in a PM that he didn't want me to stop posting. I thought, gee, I just posted... Last week. Doh!

Game News First (After all, you must have priorities!)

On Saturday the intrepid adventures took on the rest of the Gnolls and the associated tasks. The other rooms were a mix of traps and creatures that made the encounters very interesting. The Mirror Pillared room was an odd one as 1/2 the characters got trapped in the mirror and it took nearly the full encounter to figure out how to get them out. That left the halfling rouge, and the two Dragonborns to finish off the exploding skeletons. The other combo room consisted of a large blood pool with demons that loved being in blood along with a pair of statues that whipped the snot out of everything they hit. The party collected all the artifacts and triggered the glyphs, which triggered the green dragon and a bunch of other traps... But it opened the door to the inner sanctum as well. A very draining fight left the party low on powers, but they needed to press on versus the Gnoll priest. They caught him in mid ritual (funny how that happens all the time), but couldn't stop him from killing the last two sacrifices and rededicated the temple to Yeenoghu. In the end we got five encounters for the evening and that was some solid playing. Lots of Fun. I won't be able to hit it again until April it looks like due to work and home, but hopefully early April.

Tuesday was the last of the league play for Warmachine. I got a game in with Erik at 750. I ran Haley w/ Sword Knights, Precursors, Thorn, GMA+Maj+Hunt, and a few other things. He ran Karchev with six jacks and some mechanics. I got some good turns off, but just had too many activations and was able to keep him at bay to win by scenario. Also played two games of Pandemic with Becky, Mike and new Guy Alex (who from this point forward is no longer the new guy). Those were fun. I truly like that game.

Wednesday the Eldest and I played some games. I guilted her into not going out every night and we played Pandemic at easy and won, but lost at medium twice. I think she liked it. We then played Race for the Galaxy. I won that one by a good 10 vp. I got a lucky draw on some alien tech + the 6 point Dev card for aliens and it really all added up.

Next gaming 'may' be on Sunday. I may try to sneak down to the Shoppe for a few hours and try a learning game of War of the Rings. I've got to get The Other Half OK with that first. (Wish me luck!)

On the home front, the Eldest made it back on Saturday Night late and promptly went out with her friends. She's looking for a new job, trying the usual suspects for Omaha... OTC/Omaha Steaks/Your Call Center Here... No bites yet, but hopefully soon.

Saturday The Other Half and I are going to try and hit the Joslyn since we missed it on V-Day. Then some very good Belgium beer and food at Darios Brasserie. If you haven't tried some of the Trappist ales before... mmmm... It's yummy!

I guess that should get me off the hook with Adam. I'll update on Sunday if I get a chance to go play.

I have been put on notice

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