Thursday, March 26, 2009

End of the Race

I should go on travel more often. How else am I going to top this many blog postings in a single week? I'm getting ready to pack up the suitcase as I head back to the Big O! on Friday. Thought I would update you on my epic struggle versus the Race for the Galaxy Solo Robot. The end tally is as follows:
Robot: 16 wins, 6 losses
jp: 6 wins, 16 losses

Yes, yes, I was smashed by a random card flipping robot. Often badly. Here are some tidbits that might only interest me:
  • The player that had the "Old Earth" home world lost every time. Robot lost twice and I lost three times.
  • The most played home world was "Doomed World" with one player having it for eight games. Robot was 3-2 and I was 1-2 with the "Doomed World".
  • Biggest disparity was with the use of "Ancient Race". The Robot won both his games while I lost the two that I played with the home world. It also had the largest disparity of points per game with the Robot having 48 per game while I had my lowest average of 24.5.
  • Full stats can be found here. I think I'll try to keep tracking the games I play to see if I get better, which I think I am, and if the numbers start to average.
It will be good to get home, but the weekend is shaping up to be very busy. Playing WM/HD in the early afternoon and hopefully War of the Rings with Heath on Saturday in the late afternoon. What I am really looking forward to game wise is the following Saturday and being able to run the D&D game. We are very close to finishing the Thunderspire and I need to decide if we are going to continue the series or if I start my own adventure path... Decisions, decisions.

Leaving on a jet plane

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