Sunday, March 22, 2009


On Saturday I escaped in the late afternoon after being the good partner to the Other Half. [I was too being a good partner!] Unfortunately, the gang was scattered to the distant winds with other activities! Rob and 1/2 the crew were at a Flames of War tournament, which I hear Heath won... again... The other gang and half the first gang went to Lincoln. Some to play in a WARMACHINE tournament and some to just shop. Seemed they all had a good time as well. No idea on the results.

With everyone else on the road or busy, Steve and I hooked up for a few hours of Race for the Galaxy! Two player can be tough. You either get cards early and a strategy starts to form, or you spend countless actions searching for a pattern in the cards. Steve and I played 6 games. I had one super strong win with the luck of the Aliens jumping at me left and right, then I had a few close wins that were all within 1-3 VP of each other. Steve had one strong win that he dismantled me pretty well too and a second solid win. End results is John 4, Steve 2. I can smell a re-match in the works!

I was hoping that they guys would swing by afterwards and we could expand to multiple players, but the cards didn't pan out. Instead they came back a bit late and wanted to watch 'The Gamers: Dorkness Rising". I had not seen it, but understood the concept. It was very funny. I enjoyed it as only a geek/nerd could enjoy a piece of low quality cinema. Don't get me wrong. They did a far better job of filming that then I ever would have been able to accomplish, but Iron Man this is not. The best part, in my mind, was the ninja/pirate thingy. At first I was like... What the heck is this thing... Then it donned on me what they were trying to accomplish and I started smiling and cracked up laughing when they jumped out of the game mode and back to the real world.

I won't be doing much gaming this week. Traveling for work is a pain. I did pack Race for the Galaxy to try the Robot Solo game again. I hadn't done that in a while. I also brought my Player's Handbook II with me to read, which I mostly did on the airplane as well as Metamorphosis to read the fluff. Saturday morning I'm meeting Mike, Jeff, and Doug at the Shoppe for a few rounds of Warmachine, then hopefully a game of War of the Ring with Heath in the late afternoon. The next Saturday my 'Monthly' D&D game goes into action. We are likely to enter the big climatic ending... That can only mean player death in a jp campaign! :) The next Saturday is the Schism at the Shoppe. A couple of busy Saturdays coming your way.

Everything's better with pirates!

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