Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day Away

Valentines Day is all but gone. The 'big' day didn't go as planned, but we did have a nice time. We made the Durham for the Chocolate expo, but afterwards we were pretty hungry and after a bit of driving around ended up at a great restaurant up on Dundee. Darios Brasserie is just a great place. The food for lunch (brunch) was the right price and very tasty. The 'Other Half' and I had been once before about a year ago and it was just as good this time. The best part of Darios is the beer! MMMmmm! Beer! They have an extensive beer selection from Belgium and France. I had Saint Bernardus Abt 12 which sits at around 10.5% alcohol. As I said the food was a good price for a fancy place, but be warned that the beer is a bit pricey... But then again you are paying for some of the best beer ever created. Next time I'm getting the Chimay!

After a leisurely lunch we decided we would hit the Art Museum on another day. We drove back home, stopping at Best Buy to pick up some tax software. So the 'Other Half' took a nap, I hit the taxes and got them all but done. Quick review tomorrow and that will wrap it up.

The only gaming input I have to day is from the Runes of Gallidon. It is an interesting concept were folks build their own character, adventure, pictures, to be included in a greater whole. They are using the Creative Commons license that will allow content creators to benefit from any published work. I'm going to try my hand at a 'mini-adventure' the trick being they want system 'agnostic' approach which is a bit tricky.

Sunday will see the next installment of the RPG group. Looking forward to a bit of mayhem.

Drinker of Beers

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