Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home again, home again...

Hey folks,

Thanks to the those that have been sending positive vibes and/or well wishes. It is always nice to know folks care!

Here is the latest. On Friday, my hemoglobin dropped down to 7.7, which is bad. The Doc thought most of it was dilution since the IV was pumping in massive liquids into my system. By 4 pm it was up to 9.2, which is better, but still a bit low. I snuck out of the transfusion, which is good, but the Doc couldn't find the source of the bleeding, which is bad.

After four test, two with nasty probes, and an arm that looks like a heroin addict's, the Doc decided that not much else we can do at this time. So he sent me home with instructions to go to the ER if it gets bad again. Modern medicine at its finest!

Friday night The Other Half got me home OK, took it easy and crashed pretty early. Saturday we finished putting the house back, with me not lifting anything over 25 lbs, just in case, but I was pretty light headed from time to time, especially if I bent over. Sunday, today, I am feeling better, not as light headed and the old BM wasn't bloody... Which, is a good thing, except I'll have to go back to work. :)

On gaming news, I am really, really bummed that I got sick because I missed the War of the Ring tournament down at the Shoppe. They only had three show up, which is a bummer. If I could have made it then we would have at least had a full round robin.

Tonight The Other Half and I played Rummicube and listened to Pandora. It was nice to sit around the table and have some blues guitar followed by symphonic metal. A nice evening. The Other Half took the evening 2-1.

On my other down time, I've been working on the super secret "Space Attack!" rule set and bouncing them off Steve. I think the general mechanics are in place, need to start looking at the Espionage and Research Cards next. If anyone is interested in a little open source development on this project (Read, Proof Read, Development, Art, Blabber, What Ever), let me know and I'll add you to distro. Doing it all in google docs at the moment, so you will need a google account I think.

That is about it, big update, not a lot of exciting news. Garage Sale next Friday. I know Rob is running a big Mega Battle for Flames of War on Saturday so no D&D. I'm hoping to put a marker on the table for the evening of the 11th. We can hope! :)

Jiggity Jig


Warjack Prime said...

Just checking up on you, John. I'm starting to wonder if you'll look drastically different the next time I see you.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Not drastically. I did loose about 56 pounds or so. Shirts are too big. The Other Half doesn't want me getting to tired so I won't be by again. I miss warmachine something fierce. Oh well. Maybe the 7th I'll escape!