Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday Night Board Game Action

After some tactical Pestering, I got Steve and Eric to come over for a few board games on Thursday night. First off, big thanks to the guys... I needed the diversion. Also a big sorry. I know I was starting to get to the end of my battery life near 10ish and I think I just abruptly ushered you guys out with out much of a thanks. So... thanks again!

We started with Pandemic. Three handed went pretty good and we cured all the viruses on easy, but didn't get the eradication down before the lost outbreak. Steve had the Medic, Eric the Ops guy, and I had the Scientist. For the second game, The Eldest joined us and we played a four hand. I had Medic, Steve had the Dispatcher, Eric the Scientist, and The Eldest the Researcher. We won this one as well, but it was very close as we only had a few cards left in the player deck.

We broke out Race for the Galaxy next and played a four handed game. The Eldest smoked us as she had a strong military build with the Imperium and the Rebel bases. I had a good 2x VP build (10/ turn with three resources), but started too late and she quickly placed items to end game before I could generate too much VP. The Eldest retired in the lead and Steve and Eric and I played one more three hand. I didn't have snot for cards and Steve had a strong Military strategy. Eric did have a good Development concept, but the <6> cards just were not showing up for him. Steve took the game handily with Eric in second.

PP has pics out for the latest in Retribution. I'll post on those later.

Also -- Tabletop Gaming News is back! Go Zac!


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