Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sorry no gaming. :(

Well things just aren't working well these days. If you don't like TMI, then stop yourself now! You have been warned!

I had an Endoscope this morning looking for an ulcer in my new stomach and a source of the blood that I have been having in my poop. No Joy. Which is good, but also bad. I am now having a Colonoscopy Thursday morning to try and find the source. Kind of like the search of the source of the Nile, but with more poop and blood, at least my own.

If your over 40, and my guess is that most of you aren't then you might have experienced the joys of prepping for this little procedure. First you are 'suppose' to drink four liters of this vile concoction called GoLytely... Trust me you don't go lightly at all. Add to the fact that I just can't drink 8 oz in a 10min setting, what should be 2-3 hours of gross drinking has extended into the almost the 5th hour and I'm only half way through. Worst Night Ever!

I'll post if they find the cause of the blood. I hope they do and can fix it easy. I'm loosing ton of weight, but I'm also loosing ton of blood. Last hemoglobin count was down three points to a '9', after today, I'll be surprised if any blood is left. Whoa is me.

Bleed baby, bleed.

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