Monday, September 7, 2009

Sunday Family Gaming

With the Sister and her boyfriend in town we got a lot of board game action in for the night. We played at least four hands of Race for the Galaxy as my sister worked out the finer mechanics. She picked it up pretty well giving a good show at the end of the night. She had the development building <6> and was laying down new developments for a cost of 2 with all her bonuses. That combined with the bonus tiles she ended with 50 while my VP burn strategy got me 51... Close!

We also played a few games of Pandemic which we won the first one on 'easy', lost the second on 'Normal' and won the third on 'Normal'. Those were good, but you could tell folks were getting agitated with having to think three or four turns a head.

We grilled for dinner, lots of veggies from the Farmer's Market plus I had chicken and I cooked them some nice steaks. I had some beets, which I haven't had since I was little, and they weren't too bad. Might have to try again.

I did spend some time in the evening putting together the Space Hulk pieces. Wow... Very nice set. I also ordered the "Space Corridor Game Foam Set" from Lots of great pieces. I tried to play the first mission solo (Playing both Marines and Stealers) and it was interesting mechanics. Pretty straight forward and should be interesting with another player. More to follow!

Today is the last day for the visit and they fly back to their homes and I'm back to work.



Daimyo said...


Looking forward to playing a Space Hulk with you. I missed out on the first time it came out and I'm glad to see they have re-released it if only for a short while.

Though as much as I'd like to play Space Hulk with you, I'm dying to know what this "POPULAR CORRIDOR SPACE GAME" is! It sounds popular! And spacey!


Ellros said...

That is the name the company uses instead of Space Hulk, in order to avoid any sort of copyright infringement issues (we know how GW protects its IP, remember).

JP's RPG Blog said...

Steve - Anytime is good. What are you doing Thursday Night? :)

Rob - I think Steve is pulling your leg. :)