Saturday, September 19, 2009

Father of all updates

Lets see... Since my last blog, much gaming had transpired or at least a fair amount.

On Tuesday the normal Warmachine crowd meet at The Game Shoppe to play a few games. To be honest it has been over a week and I can't remembered what I played! Must be getting old.

On Thursday, I went over to Steve and Rob's with Space Hulk in tow. Steve and I decided that we would try to go through the 12 scenarios over time, each of us playing one side. I had a bit of an advantage since I have played the first scenario already with JC and it helped. In Suicide Mission, the Marines have to get the Heavy Flamer to the control room and torch it. No easy task as the Genestealer player has tons of tokens to flood the board. I was able to pull off the mission, but I blame the fact that it was Steve's first game. On the reverse side, I was able to swarm the Marines with the Genestealers, preventing them from the objective.

On Friday, the Directorate had a 'Patriot Day' bike ride event. I did a 25 mile bike ride with my back side protesting furiously. Afterwards I hit the Shoppe and picked up my Italian Army for the Flames of War Africa Mid-War Slow Grow (FoWAMWSG). I spent the next few hours quickly putting together enough guys to get a 're-learn' game in that evening. Paul kicked off the league and I got a game at 600 points against Kyle's American Airborne. I did pretty well, but his 6 pounders made mince meat of my (pseudo-) armor. Kyle took the game, but by a 4-3 victory.

Saturday I ran a WARMACHINE Steamroller tournament at the Shoppe. We had 10 folks show, thanks to Lincoln bringing down three and a new guy coming from Columbus! It was well done and everyone seemed to have a good time. Mike L. took overall with a nasty pirate list. Chris' trollbloods took second. Alex from Lincoln took best painted, as always, and Greg took best sportsman since his tie with Adam and the new guy Nick placed him higher up in the standings. I was suppose to head over to Steve and Rob's for some D&D, but I was beat from all the activity and called and gave my regrets and headed home.

On Sunday, I spent the vast majority of the day cleaning the house as The Other Half was returning and I wanted the place to look nice. I did some priming of my Italians and the Space Hulk figures as well.

Tuesday I didn't get to hit the Shoppe as I was in Baltimore for work, just returning on Thursday night. No gaming other then Spider Solitaire. :)

Friday, I got to play golf. Hadn't done that in about three years and it shows. Luckily it was Best Ball and we used my shots about once every 15... I can live with those odds.

That brings us all current to today. I spent some time painting the Italians. Working on the Motciclisti Platoon with the Alce Motorcycles as well as the HQ AB41's. It looks like I'll have to play Steve, Paul, and Eric for the slow grow first cut. I'll post the lists and how the painting is going soon. Also the Battle Foam for Space Hulk showed up in the mail. They are nice, but looks like I am missing a slight cut on the Sargent with the Power sword. He is a bit of tight fight, but the others are OK. I may have to custom hack a bit of the foam.

Catching up!

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