Friday, September 4, 2009

I'll get you next Bill!

Quick Tuesday recap for me. Turn one... I move Magnus the Warlord forward. Chris moves eMadrak forard. Turn Two I move Magnus the Warlord forward and pop feat. eMadrak moves forward (out of feat) and chucks two power 20 axes at Mag's head. Mag's dies. Very sad. Well played Chris, but you suck. :)

On Thursday, I had Norm, Danyelle, Bill, A.J., and the Elder over for dinner and Race for the Galaxy. I was running late from work so the Elder and I made a quick stop for groceries and then headed home to cook, luckily most of the gang was running late too. (Defective Gamer Genes again!). I made a turkey roast cooked in teriyaki sauce. What I didn't know is that Bill has a really bad allergy to Sesame seeds and the teriyaki is loaded with sesame seed oil. Bill ended up in the ER, Norm dropped him off and came back. We played a five hand RftG with Norm winning with a military strategy and the Eldest having a strong second with about three six development cards. Bill called and had his meds to take care of his 'Save vs. Death' and Norm went out to get him.

Game two was a six handed game. The newest player (his game two), AJ did a great job of playing some good cards, couldn't say really what his strategy was, but he and Danyelle ended up tied for VP and he won on cards. Then, like any good victor, A.J. had to blow out to get back home to Sioux City.

Game three we went through the new combat rules, but it never came up in the game. Bill won with the Galactic Builder. That with the Interstellar Bank he was pulling in two cards every Dev phase and dropping 6 point cards for 2 or 3 alot. Easy victory.

At around 1130 or so My Sis and her boyfriend made it over so we rapped up the games and sat around and BS'ed for a while. They took off and I ended up cleaning the kitchen until about 1ish.

It was a good night, except for almost killing Bill.

Curse you Bill, I'll get you next time!

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Adam said...

OH MAN, there's gotta be a KILL BILL joke in there somewhere...