Sunday, August 30, 2009

Moon Frenzied Halflings

Due to some trips, I seem to be in bachelor mode for a few weeks. I took early advantage and invited James over for a Rampage game of Warmachine. I played my Epic Magnus versus Madrak's trollbloods. It was a great game with both sides forcing death and destruction. On my right flank I had Alexia and Steelheads take on Troll Buffalo Riders and a Pyre Troll. I lucked out and the Pyre frenzied out of Madrak's control range and he ate one of the Riders. A few chargers later and a bunch of Risen later I cleared the edge. On the other flank, my Mangler and Lady A & Master H squared off against the Dwarf & Bear as well as the Trollblood warrior solo. The Mangler 'should' have taken the bear out, but failed on one of the attack rolls and some bad damage. That left the opening for James to move in and destroy the Mangler with the solo and have the Dwarf & Bear squish A & H. In the middle the chunks of the beast and jacks squared off along with the obligatory block of Champions. Magnus did his best and took out many of the Champs, but the last one, was able to finish him of in the end. Win for the Troll. It was exciting game!

That night, the gang got together for a great and long session of D&D. I didn't show up until 4 as I was taking care of the Dog, but we cranked out five tough encounters and I stayed up way past my bedtime to 2am.

The group is quickly approaching paragon path and it is showing in their ability to rather handily take care of the encounters. The group was able to motor through the five encounters without an extended rest, which is a good showing compared to some early outings.

The first encounter had the party facing foulspawn guards and their demonic faces allies. The sliding foulspawn and the biting faces put up a good fight, but in the end it was the party that was victorious. Moving to the south they encountered a series of gates... One would whisper others would try to munch you, others showed snakes and warned of blind dangers. After facing the doors, the players ran into a Medusa and her Ogre body guard. The party worked together to take the shots at the high point elites.

Afterwards, the party returned to the north and encountered a room of Eladrin, but they seemed to be living in freezing conditions. A tough battle ensued with the Blizzard Speaker harassing and teleporting around the board. It also brought out the Moon Frenzy in Eldacar who had a hard time controlling his urges and would randomly attack player or characters. Darn Werewolves!

Moving deeper into the ice caverns the party encountered an Adult White Dragon. Despite the dragon trying to have a conversation with the party, he became annoyed after a few failed stealth checks from those tyring to jump over the lake. The battle that ensued involved flames, fire, ice, snow, and a snot load of arrows. After defeating the worm, the party was able to find some treasure at last, plus the next shard belonging to Vyrellis disembodied head.

Break Break -- This brings up one of the issues that I have so far with 4E. The big guys, just can not stand up against an organized party. If the party cooperates, like ours does rather well, the sheer number of attacks that they can put out just out ways the abilities of the solo/elites to dish out damage.

The final encounter had the party going back to the south into what appeared to be a living cavern. The party encountered more Foulspawn and the creatures they controlled. After the party started to take the enemies apart, cavern's corridors started to grow shut, trapping the players with an acid atmosphere. The purple sludge 'blood' continued to flood out of a wound. Zolton, Eldacar, & Sliver took to the wound, while the others struggled versus the last of the monsters. It was close with Splug dropping several times and Eldacar going frenzied... Again... But Zoltan and Sliver took the damage to the heart of madness, ending the menace. The party decided they needed an extended rest. This will allow Sliver to move to 9th, Kaz to 8th, Splug to 8th, and Zarzathor to 9th.

Good Saturday of gaming, despite being up from about 4am to 2am... :)

Coming in the future Rampage continues and we have a Steamroller on the 12th.



Warjack Prime said...

Champions won the day? Go figure.

Adam said...

Indeed, boo Champions!

JP's RPG Blog said...

I agree. That and the Champion are just mean.

But after Tuesday I dislike the eMadrak even more!