Monday, August 3, 2009

Greetings from Bean Town


Day one of the SANS course under my belt and talk about the fire hose. Each day has 125 page book that accompanies the lectures. Start at 9am, they bring in lunch, and we keep going until 5pm. The good news is that I don't have to test this weekend, in fact they won't let me, and I'll have to arrange the test for a later time within the next three months... Which is good. Trying to change the flights to get my butt home a tad earlier...

I walked down to Quincy Hall and got some food for dinner, some Indian food I've been craving lately. It wasn't bad, but not great. Looking forward to Wednesday when I go out with The Other Half's sister and brother in-law for dinner at a nice restaurant, The Union Oyster House. It looks like a great menu, even if it is a tad expensive, but hey, when your on the coast only occasionally, you go to try the seafood, besides, I'm on Per Diem. I know my eyes are going to be bigger then my stomach... I hope the family won't mind left overs! I'll post a review on my successful return.

That is about it for now. Not alot of gaming going. When I finish this up, I'll break out Race for the Galaxy, especially since I don't have to study for the exam right away.

Not as panicked

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