Saturday, August 1, 2009

Solo Race

I've been playing a ton of Race for the Galaxy solo... Well, if a single game is 1/16th of a ton, then I guess it is a ton. Using the new home worlds, I've been trying to beat the game's 'robot' on easy. I think I am missing something or I'm a bad player. I'm only winning about 1 in every 4 games versus the automatic opponent.

The updated stats can be found on the spreadsheet. It isn't real pretty. Don't think I have hit every combo of homeworlds, but some are just easier then others to win against (or loose against). I like Galactic Developers. The extra card every development phase is a great starting benefit. If you can get the other Development boosts, you can become a <6> card laying down machine. If you have Investment Credits, the <6> with a -1 Development and have the new Crash Research that allows you to discard it for a -3, then you can get the new <6> for free on your turn, actual +1 with the Galactic Developers in your hand.

I'm taking a training course next week. Thank you Department of Air Force. I'm taking RftG in tow to fill in the non-study times.

I'm going to miss gaming tonight as it is my last night home for a bit and next week as I have to take the cert exam on Saturday in Boston. On the 15th the guys are running a doubles Flames of War event so no sweet, sweet D&D action for me then either. I've placed by quarter on the table for the 22nd and hopefully that will work out.

Last Tuesday was great for Warmachine at the Shoppe. We had eight players (nine really) and quite a bit of action. Good times. Thanks to Dan and Adam for showing up on their vacation day. I'm still trying to place appropriate leverage on Adam to put in his PP application. When the store expands we should have enough room for a Saturday or Sunday event to complement the Tuesday event. Plus then we can tag team the tournament.s So Adam... How's that application going? :)

I'll try to update from Boston.

Developer of the Galactic


Adam said...

Well I COULD be doing a lot of things...

Things like: Updating my resume, building a new computer, painting my Skorne army and, as stated, applying to become a Press Ganger. Trouble is... Fallout 3.

I mean, if I'm not going to save the people of D.C.'s post-apocalyptic wasteland, who is?

Comon John, PRIORITIZE. :P

- Adam

JP's RPG Blog said...

Are violent video games doing enough to prepare our children for the post apocalyptic future?

The Onion has the inside scoop!


Daimyo said...


The very future of humanity depends on you. Well, you or President Eden and the Enclave.

God bless the Enclave!

Ellros said...

>> When the store expands we should have enough room for a Saturday or Sunday event to complement the Tuesday event. <<

Assuming the store lasts that long...

Does he really need 3 more part-timers (that I have heard he is looking to hire)? Doesn't he work a full week now that Becky is gone?

JP's RPG Blog said...

Store management and cleanliness is not my concern. As long as the store's open and a place to play and it isn't too pit like (can't be worse the lair or gz)I should be OK.

If the store closes... Then we will have to look at other options.