Friday, August 28, 2009

Rampage Report

On Tuesday we continued our Rampage outings. We had four games played with five players.

750 point my Magnus the Warlord vs. Phillip's PoM Reznik. The scenario was to hold and defend to points in the center of the table. I loaded Magnus in the center with his jacks to the right (Mangler & 2 Renegades) with Dirty Meg and a Mule to the left. I also had Alexia with her Risen to the left and a small group of Steelheads in the center. For additional solos I had Gorman di Wulfe and the Master Gunner around Magnus, Eiryss and Kell to the far right in the woods, and Lady A & Master H on the far left. Phillip had a good number of 'Jacks to include a Devout and the Blessing of Menoth and two other heavy shooty ones. A full unit of Temple Flame Guard with attachment on my far right and Zealots on the far left. He also had (from memory) the Warcaster attachment, a Reclaimer behind the TFG, a large Choir, and a Vassal.

Phillip had the first turn and ran his troops up and brought his forces closer. I used Magnus' spell to increase the movement to +2 on my battlegroup to move the Renegades up a full seven inches then used the Master Gunner to increase the range and power. I made the mistake of also using Artillerist on both (can only use one... My bad, but they didn't deviate and I boosted the hits so the it really didn't matter). I got lucky and took out the movement of the Reckoner, effectively taking him out of his duties. The second Renegade hit the TFG and took out six of the 12 models. Kell and Eiryss took out another three, leaving the Capt guy, flag guy, & a shmoe... The Reclaimer collected a few soul tokens! :) On the left flank Alexia and the Risen were tangling with the Zealots and holding their own for the time being. I've always had troubles with Zealots & the Monolith Bearer. Phillip fire bombed most of the Risen while I pinged away at a few of them.

Phillip got his Vanquisher into combat with both Renegades and smashed one to bits while moving up with Reznik and the other 'Jacks. What remained of the TFG took retribution (get it?) on Eyriss. The Zealots performed Greater Destiny and made themselves invulnerable. On my turn Kell took out two more TFG, leaving only the Captain guy, Magnus charged the Vanquisher and made quick work with the Armor Piercing, then popped Kill Box to keep Reznik from the point. The Mule took shot across the lake at a Devout and clipped the Vassal. The Mangler came up and took a swing at the Capt of the TFG, clearing the zone. That left three zealots on one side that needed to be cleared. I got one with Gorman di Wulfe's Acid Bomb, one with a few risen, and I think Master Holt took one out as well. Which freed up the point and gave me the game.

Other then my one cheat move (Sorry again Phillip) it was a great game for me. Phillip saw some true synergy from Mercs for a change too.

In other games Erik played Mike (Khador vs. PoM) for a 500 pointer in the Glimmerwood, I played Erik a 500 point that was fought to hard draw and then we rolled for victory (Erik too that roll) and James played Mike (Trolls vs. PoM).

Not a bad night. We have one more week or Rampage then a 500 point Steamroller on the 12 of September.

Go Mags!


Adam said...

Wow, sounds like a lot of fighting! For my part, I engaged Dan L in contested Llael on Wed. It went well, until it went poorly...

Ashlynn got two solid hits in on a harmed Mohsar, but both ended up being transferred to his beasts, which had something like 9-10 left between the three of them at the end of the game...

Still fun though.

As a note, I took Reinholdt for kicks and was dismayed when he failed a command check in my deployment of the first turn :(

- Adam

Warjack Prime said...

Yeah that was a tough game. Losing my TFG and Reckoner on your 1st turn really limited my options for holding the point on that side.

I'll be down next week (8th). I have to work 10 hour days this week so I can take Friday off since I'm out of vacation time.