Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday Night Action

Greetings fellow gamers!

I met up with the gang for a rousing game of D&D on Saturday night. It was a good turn out with the entire gang present as they continued their adventures in the Pyramid of Shadows.

When we last left our band of adventures they had finished clearing a central sewer that hosted a few Sahuagin. At this point the party had two ways to move forward, and opted to move north. When they entered the room they encountered the Dragonborn Warlord Bandit Garash and his lackeys. Battle quickly ensured as Garash raised the alarm and decided to attack the 'heroes' that sent him to this location. With a half dozen lackeys and a few bowmen, the fight was looking solid in the adventure's corner, when the booming from the backroom let loose a werewolf to even up the odds more.

After short rest the party continued deeper into the final section of the first level of the pyramid. They next encountered a young and pretty lady that was entrapped in a chapel. When they attempted to speak with her, they found out that the halfling rouge, Eldecar, had become smitten to the lass. After trying and failing to deactivate the entrapment, the devil legion guards came forth. Spurned into action, the lady turned back to her true succubus self. Her kiss snared a few of the team from time to time, but the pain of reality would set in when damage would be intercepted.

The next series of rooms was taken from reverse. A strange device in the wall made of bronze and a dozen handles that was to tempting to Zoltan and he started pulling leavers. The noise of roaring fire behind a door sent the team of gang members in the opposite room into action. Three fighters and two crossbowmen kept things hoping as Zoltan continued to try and manipulate the leavers. Players and enemies got toasty but nobody got seriously burnt (4D8 fire can hurt if your caught in it!)

The final move forward was to tackle the stairs that lead higher into the pyramid. A harpy and a pair of gargoyles and two trapped stairs made the going ruff and the party nearly fell as ash blasts and fly-by attacks made it difficult. In the end an extended rest was in order. Five of the party members leveled up. Two to nine, one to eight and two to seven.

Good night and hope to get some more in next weekend!

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