Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Water, Water, Everywhere,

Tuesday, my normal game night for Warmachine, was interrupted when I got a call from home only into turn two of my game with Erik. The Other Half called and asked if the front sprinkler should still be running. I responded, no, it should have turned off after the cycle was complete around 6am or so. Buttons didn't work... So, I pack it all in and drive the thirty minutes home to see what is a matter. First thing I notice is the long stream of water running down our street and into the storm drain... That's not good.

After a few minutes of tinkering with the buttons with no effect, in fact I could force the system to change zones, but the first zone kept running. I opt to turn the water off at the source to the outside and hopefully figure it out later. I'm sure the water bill is going to be stupid this month!

So... If anyone has any sprinkler experience or knows some one, drop me a note/comment and help a gamer out!

all running down the street


Zarzthor said...

The valve that controls that zone is stuck or has a hole in the diaphragm. Shutting the water off at the source may have let the valve seat. Try turning the water back on to check. If it still runs you just need to find the valve that controls that area and open it up to check the diaphragm for proper seating and for holes. It doesn't take much of a hole to let the water flow so look close.

Ellros said...

I knew Eric would know something about this from all those groundskeeping years.

JP's RPG Blog said...

Thanks Eric...

That gives me something to do Saturday while you all are playing FoW Doubles.