Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Sister goes to GenCon...

Pretty rainy day here in the Big O. We were suppose to go participate in a MS Run 5K, but it was down pouring all morning so being the fair weather walkers that we are we swung by, got the t-shirt, and grabbed some breakfast. :)

I played a few games of Race for the Galaxy solo version and did pretty well, far better then my average by taking 3 of 6 games. I've updated the scores since my road trip to Boston and they are in the same file for those that can't get enough math.

While at dinner at the Mediterranean Bistro, my phone rang from my little sister. We were just about to eat, so I let it go to voice mail, figuring I would give her a ring afterwards. I would recommend the Bistro by the way. Very good food, even for my little pouch. My sister said in her voice mail that they were having a good time at GenCon (they being her and my old college buddy Vern/Julian/JC) and that she missed me (ahhh!), and if I wanted JC's unpunched Axis and Allies game before he traded it off. I called back to let her know that I still have my old version of A&A, as well as the Shogun that JC and I purchased together while in college, so he could trade it away as needed. I'm sure I'll talk with her next week to see how the experience went for her, especially since she really isn't a gamer.

I'm going next year to GenCon. I'm making the commitment know so I can start the planning early. It is just the way its going to be! :)

...and I'll I got was a lousy phone call! :)


Squigherder said...

You don't go without me.

JP's RPG Blog said...

True... In fact I owe you a trip given how I got distracted by that 'thing' last time around.

I was planning on Mage this year, but the same sister is coming to town with the new boyfriend/old best friend that weekend, so no gaming for me. :(

You in 'when' I go next year Bart?