Monday, August 10, 2009

Warmachine Weekend Update

The Original Hot Carl (TOHC) has been posting updates for the 2009 WARMACHINE WEEKEND activities on a new blog. This year it is going to be part of the G.A.M.E. (Game Arts Media Expo) which will be a chance to see more then just Privateer stuff... Not that there is anything wrong with a ton of Privateer stuff. TOHC is doing a unique achievement system to add a bit of fun to the event which should be cool.

So far I've gotten hard confirms from seven folks including myself. Most of us have done this trip for the past two years, but we have also gotten one or two newbies as well. Should be good time. In my mind one of the best things is that we will be across the street from the convention center vice a 15 minute car ride. That should save tons of time and make it easier to get done on your own and not need transport.

I've booked the hotels (two rooms at the moment) and filled out my pre-register and paid. So get to it you guys if your interested in the road trip!

Pusher of Toys


Adam said...

I know I'm really looking forward to WM weekend this year. I was going to bring my Skorne, but looking at my army, I'd have almost none of it painted in time(a point of pride in large events I feel). So I'll be going with my mercs again.

A plus to this is that with relatively little effort (a couple of touch-ups and one unpainted model) I should be fully painted this year in all events!

Still trying to get an answer out of Mike's brother, Chris. The trouble is, for him to make it we need to get a guy at work to study for, take and pass the sort test. Otherwise our belt would be down 3 of its 4 pick-offs.

If we could get him to go there's a van in it for us, which makes for a more comfortable ride and more passenger/luggage room.

I'll keep you posted.

- Adam

JP's RPG Blog said...

A van huh? Sweeet!


Warjack Prime said...

Adam, I'd recommend bringing your Skorne anyway. I really got sick of playing one army over and over and you might just feel like using them a time or two.