Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thron, Dwarf Invoker

I made it back late Friday night and had a good training session, but still glad to be back. Saturday was quite as The Other Half had to work in the morning. I did go see her for lunch and she cut me loose in the afternoon go play some D&D with the guys.

Rob was running his campaign that he re-booted, so since I am only a part timer in that adventure, I re-booted as well. They have another controller on their team, but like me his is a part-timer, and since he created the atypical wizard, I decided to try another route.

I like the Invoker class. It has quite a bit of power to it, even at lower level, but the trade off is self inflicted wounds. One power caused 5 points of damage when used, but my favorite caused damage, and pulls the enemies toward you, but then your dazed, limiting your ability to follow up. Kind of tricky to play and really requires teamwork, which is good.

In the morning The Other Half and I did the big lake at Zorinsky. We got caught in a light shower about half way around, but it cleared quickly. Luckily the heavy stuff waited until right now to come down so I won't be mowing today. :)

Avoider of Lawn Work

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