Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boston Day II

The SANS course continues the fire hose approach. Today we discussed some delightful topics as attack vectors, Defense in Depth, and Access Control.... MMMmmm... Access Control... The good part it is Richard Northcutt that is teaching the class and the man is a very entertaining speaker.

Last night I went 1-3 with RftG vs. the robot. I'll update the stats later. I hate that robot.

For dinner I went down to China Town (Short walk) and had a very good spicy seafood soup. The fish, shrimp, scallops, tofu, and crab were all good. The squid was OK, but the octopus was a bit tough, especially for my pouch. I did sneak some kimchi, even though I shouldn't be having any leafy veggies at the moment, but it was good. We shall see what it does to my system.

To treat myself (not sure for what) I went to the biggest of corporate schmucks, Starbucks, and got a no nothing coffee for desert.

Looking forward to dinner tomorrow and getting home early.

MMMmmm... Access Control...


Adam said...

Attack Vectors? What are you, The Last Starfighter?

Good to hear that you're at least getting some good grub out of the trip. I'll have to see about getting some Saturday Rampages in before class starts back up.

Take it easy!

- Adam

P.S. What exactly does SANS stand for for us not in the know?

JP's RPG Blog said...

Hey Adam,

Hope to get a few Rampages in as well.

WRT SANS = SysAdmin, Audit, Networking, and Security... I'm more of a Security guy then the other three, but thats OK. http://www.sans.org/