Sunday, July 26, 2009

Twilight of the soul

Yesterday I ran a multi-player event for WARMACHINE at the Shoppe. Since I've been out most of the past few months, the participation level was low, however the folks that did show up seemed to like the format. It was a 375 point lists (One request for 375 points and he didn't show... I'm eyeing you Joe!) with four players, all against all combat. You got points for holding the center, killing stuff, and doing power attacks.

Phillip got of to a strong start when nobody challenged him for the center on the first game and he wracked up some mega points. Lots of destroyed solos and jacks on the board which makes for a fun day. Changes for next time (Part of a slow grow/paint and play for MkII) will be a change in the points. Power Attacks will be bumped to five points and the hold the circle may drop to 10.

Afterwards I was asked to sit in on a game of Twilight Imperium for as a farewell for one of the Shoppe's owners' friend. I had 'tried' to play TI several years ago, but didn't get very far as we were all trying to figure it out. Having a few expert players helped make the process smoother. It is a fairly complex game on the basic setting, can't imagine if you crank in the optional advanced rules. There are some similarities between TI and the Space Attack! that I'm building on the side. TI uses a variable phase, but forces players to each pick one, while Space Attack allows players to pick the same or different. Combat is a bit simpler as well. The set resources for the planets in TI also limits the game's replay, even though you randomly place planets (sort of), they are always the same, while I hope that Space Attack! will use different systems every time you play. I also hope that Space Attack! plays a snot loads quicker.

All in all it was a good game. I had to bail at 1130, we started around 430ish... We were on turn four I think. :)

Imperium of the toes

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