Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July America!


Just wanted to do a quick update on what is what in the world of jp.

Medically all is well. Back on my 'soft' foods which includes chicken, turkey, and fish so I've got plenty of proteins to intake.

Becky is leaving the shoppe in 16 days. We are having a party at the Shoppe on the 12th, you can contact Becky if you want to come and be prepared to bring a side dish. Norm is picking up Burgers/Brats. Should be a fun/sad day.

I've been playing the snot out of Bloodbowl and enjoying it so far. Joropa's Boys Lizardmen team has one four tournaments as we work our way up to 'the' Blood Bowl. The Lizardmen are a great team with the high agile teams like Wood Elves giving me the hardest time. When I get it finished, I'll crank up the difficulty to the next level as on the current setting I can see the AI doing some bad options from time to time.

That is about it. I'll get some Warmachine on Tuesday if all goes well and some D&D on Saturday if it goes even better... The Doc was worried about my blood count, I'm worried about my low gaming levels!



Adam said...

Just to let you know my Agenda had a pretty good showing today at DL against a Skarre list. We ended up having to call it for time (it would have taken something like 2 rounds to get our casters in line for a face-to-face throw-down since our armies sort of destroyed one another)but it was still pretty fun.

I opted out of my usual Steelhead swarm and let the Idrians + UA bear the brunt of the workload (which they did admirably)since they're being reworked in Mk II. Both my Obliterators missed their marks (Nightwretches)as per usual, and Magnus had to get his hands dirty saving his Mule from a pack of Satyxis Raiders who were being jerks with feedback.

Anywho, Odds are slim that I'll get off on Tuesday what with summer being packed with employee vacations, but if I do I'll swing by the Shoppe.

Glad to hear you're doing better.

- Adam

JP's RPG Blog said...

Thanks Adam... Sounds like a good game. Vs. Mike on Sunday. Sorry I couldn't make it out, but that is my lot in life.

Hopefully we will at least see you a bit on the 12th for Becky's Party.