Monday, July 20, 2009

Delinquent for Duty

I am behind on the following briefs...

  • My game of Warmachine with Phillip.
  • The D&D session from Saturday
  • Review of the Race for the Galaxy Expansion
  • Solo play on Race for the Galaxy Expansion
  • Bloodbowl CPU game update
Unfortunately, your not getting them now. :( I'll try to get caught up on Thursday, by which time I'll owe you an additional Warmachine game or two.

Running Behind!


Adam said...

Well get on it! :P

JP's RPG Blog said...



Ellros said...

>> The D&D session from Saturday <<

We can skip that update. I can pass on reading about how I was bent over the table (figuratively you perverts ;) ) and brutalized all evening. Heh.

Daimyo said...

I don't know Rob. I think Mark would like to hear every brutal detail about how Splug nearly got his wish...

Ellros said...

Had Splug been present, he would have dropped faster than I did. We all know he would have run into the room with the chillborn and demon and been hammered on from the auras alone.