Thursday, July 23, 2009

An update, my kingdom for an update

Greetings fellow gamers,

As I said before, I've got a ton of updating to do.

First off on Warmachine. Since the last post I have had two games versus Phillip down at the Shoppe on Tuesday. Turn out is pretty light, which is a sad reflection on my Pressganger skills, but I hope that it will pick up the closer we get to MkII release.

The first game was my Gorten force against Phillip's Severius. At 500 points it was a solid game with Phillip taking a Crusader, Devout, and Blessing of Vengeance, a Choir and a full unit of Temple Flame Gaurd w/ attachment. (I'm sure I'm missing something else... Come on, its been a week!) With my Gorten, I had Meg + mule, Min unit of Steelheads, a full unit of Precursors w/ attachment, Lady A & Holt, Bokur, and Rupert (I think). The game was well played with me picking at the edges of Phillip's force, eventually taking out his 'Jacks, except for the Blessing which in the end took out Gorten. The highlight was the two shield wall units poking each other with sticks and not getting much movement.

The second game this Tuesday was 750 points. Again I played Gorten (Alexia, Steelheads, Meg w/ Mule, Thor Stienhammer w/ Driller, Capt Sam & DD w/ Nomad, Rupert, Lady A & H, Eyriss). Phillip played Epic Krueger (WoldWyrd, WoldWarden, Gnarlhorn Satyr, Blackclad, Sentry Stones, Shifting Stones, Tharn Ravager Whitemane, War Wolf, Ravagers w/ Shaman, Wolves of Orboros w/ attachment). We didn't get a chance to finish this game as we were both taking a bit too long on the turns. Phillip tried to overload around a terrain feature, I shifted my forces back to the middle. Hero's from my side were Lady A & Mr. H. along with Eyriss took the Wolves to task as Phillip had spread them along the whole board. The Tharn Ravegers got tangled up with Steelheads and a Nomad that contained them long enough for the two casters to throw everything they could at each other. It was a great game, only wish we could have finished.

On Saturday's D&D, you might have seen the comments. We came within the razor's edge of a TPK. The dice swung around at the end, keeping the party alive, but it wasn't pretty. We had the only Defender (Kaz, the Dragonborn Paladin) and one of the Strikers (Eldacar, the Halfling Rouge) floating face down in the water as the party struggled to maintain their own against the Harpy and her accomplices. We did get four solid encounters, from the a big solo (440 hp worth) to the frozen room looking for treasure to a pair of water rooms that provided difficulty for the short ones in the party. Good times. Not sure when I'll be able to go again. Maybe on the 15th. Time will tell.

On Wednesday The Other Half and I had The Eldest, The Roommate, and the Eldest's boyfriend (hence forth known as The Boyfriend) over for dinner. The Eldest, The Roommate and I played two games of Ticket to Ride after dinner. It was nice to play a fun game and teach someone the cool new games around. The Roommate actually caught on real quick and won both games, plus she is the first person I ever see get a 'Longest Train' with every single train. Pretty impressive for a beginner!

Finally for tonight, Bloodbowl on the CPU. I've racked up a ton of Prestige points and should hit the actual Bloodbowl this season when it opens up. I am 33 wins and 2 ties so far. The AI, especially on the easy setting, is not that bright. I hope it gets a bit tougher on Medium when I finish up this campaign.

I'll update on the Race for the Galaxy expansion as I want to give it it's own space with pics. Short version is that is has some great cards added to the mix! :)

Ah, a nail!


Ellros said...

>> Maybe on the 15th. <<

Nope. Flames of War Doubles Tournament. ;)

You know... You could talk Eric or someone into partnering with you and come down and play. :)

Adam said...

Whew, an update at last. I was getting a little worried there!

Just a heads up Dan & I BOTH have vacation next week so we'll be down on Tuesday for some WM (or Hordes) action!

- Adam