Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Games! I can play games!

On Monday I conned Steve over with an offer for dinner and some games. We had chicken stuffed with spinach and ricotta, veggies and potatoes, and we talked games all the way through dinner. It was very romantic. :) The Other Half was in the front room watching her 'stories' as she was 'starved' when she got home and ate quickly. Steve and I discussed the Space Battle game I've been fleshing out as well as other game geek topics.

After dinner we headed to the basement and looked at the collection for something two player. We decided on the Settlers of Catan Card Game. It is a pretty straight forward interpetation of the board game using square cards that you rotate for goods and have cities/settlements. I took the first game while Steve swept the second pretty soundly.

Tuesday I made it to Warmachine Night at the Shoppe. Wow... I need to do something to re-juice the community. Very light turn out. Adam played hookie and we played a great game of merc on merc action. Adam played an Agenda contract and had Magnus with a pair of Renegades, a big unit of Idrians with the attachment, Boomhowler, Orin from the Inquisition and Stanis the cavalry solo Steelhead. I ran a Four Star list with Gorten w/ Gun Bunny, Dirty Meg w/ Mule, Kel B., Ogrun w/ Gorten, Rupert the Piperman, Croe's, Lady and Holt, and Steelheads. (Just a quick side note. I ran the list in Tabletop Commander and it seems I must have miss counted at the Shoppe. My biggest apologizes to Adam. I played at 502... My win is hollow and I feel shame!).

Adam's Idrians did a great job of sweeping in a picking off Steelheads and pretty much collapsing my left flank, plus an obliterator shot nailed the Ogrun on the head and took him out. I moved Gorten forward using Solid Ground until both the obliterators were used, but they were pretty effective just the same. Some how Adam got one of the renegades up to kill Kel and then get engaged with Lady and Holt, by which time the Idrians had began to sweep to the right.

It took my entire right side to kill one dang Steelhead Cav solo... With Gorten doing the final shot. The Mule never hit a thing in the game except one of Boomhowler's boys with his mace, in fact, Meg shot more with her rivet gun then the mule did. Shessh.

In the end it came down to Gorten Vs. Magnus. The higher armor saved Gorten and he had wittled Mags down with two 'both barrels' so when they got toe to toe Gorten had the advantage on hit points. Mags swung his sword four times, hit three, but couldn't break the 22 armor. Gorten returned the favor with his hammer and got Mags on the first hit.

Solid game, except that I cheated by two points... Feel bad about that... Takes away that come from behind feeling!

On a last note, I am still looking for folks to take a look at the Space Attack game... About five or six pages of rules at the moment... Lots of details to flush out, but always open to feedback. Let me know!

Thanks again Adam!

I like games!


Adam said...

Two points? TWO WHOLE POINTS?! ... Heh, no biggie :). It was still a fun game all around. I don't think I've EVER had Orin A)live that long, or B) kill that many models!

As far as the turn out goes: yeah, that was a little bit of a bummer. Time to bust out your PressGanger powers and revitalize the scene!

- Adam

JP's RPG Blog said...

The best shot in the game was Orin, with the big stick, to the face of Lady Alyanna. Classic.