Sunday, July 12, 2009

The one where I play a snot load of games...

Well, what a difference a healthy weekend makes! I don't think I had much rest for the past two days.

Saturday morning, The Other Half and I participated in the Run for Justin 5K event. We walked, obviously, but still had a great time and did better then I thought we would. We finished in under an hour (56 mins and some odd seconds) so about a 3 mile per hour pace. It was a good start to some more aggressive walking. It was funny that we each started pushing each other to catch the next walker group or stroller gaggle ahead of us.

Saturday night was some serious D&D action. The gang was all present and we completed four encounters, including a nice trap room...

Splug, a goblin thief, looked into the room. It was common, almost too common. A couple of statues of ugly humans sitting on tall petastiles on opposite sides of the room. Some stairs directly across the 20' room headed down and a door was on the far side down the 40' feet or so. It seemed too quite as he moved across the room, looking for anything that didn't fit. He glanced behind him to see the elf ranger, Sliver, slip in quietly after him and take up position in the corner by the door, his bow pulled and ready to respond. The dragonborn warlord, the only way Splug could tell them apart was the armor, Zarzathor wore chain and plodded noisily to the stairs to cover the approach. The other dragonborn, this one a nasty paladin named Kaznak wore plate and moved forward to support. Finally Eldacar the halfing, who was no thief in Splugs book and the old man Zoltan, a magic user of some skill moved in... They all stood well behind Splug.

Convinced that nothing was going to happen, Splug made for the opposite door. That is when the walls and floors began to spin and Splug found himself tumbling down a slope in a much darker area. His eyes quickly adjusted to the darkened room and a pit was going to be his future destination if he didn't slow down... That was when he saw the first long and slimy tentacle coming out of the pit.

The adventures were stunned. The entire floor rotated up and sent Splug to places unknown. In his place large charnel rats and ridden the rotating floor up to the new position. It was quick work, but ensuring that the trigger was not switched and moving to get an attack was tricky. Finally Sliver noticed the scrape marks on the wall and spotted the faint impression of the trigger on the far side of the portion that rotated.

Splug soon found himself caught in the grasp of the fell beast, an eater of carrion, it didn't seem to mind that Splug was alive. With some effort Splug twisted and contorted his way out of the foul creatures grasp and squirm his way up the sloop.

Kaznak and Zarzathor jumped the trigger areas on the floor and together heaved the heavy statue on the wall to the floor. As it slammed onto the trigger device, the floor and wall began to rotate, rolling the statue to the edge and wedging the trap open.

Splug again found himself falling, this time into a dirt floor, surrounded by carnel rats, but it was better the the beast that was raising from the pit. Light from above showed his comrades, at least some of them had found a way to get him free. Arrows and flames reached around him, eliminating the rats with ease.

Eldcar leaped up onto the wedged wall and worked his way into the dark. He thought to himself that the damn goblin would be the death of him for sure. He slid down the slope a bit, it was awkward as it wasn't level at any angle, that is when the full beast appeared from the pit. Multiple tentacles, a wide round mouth in the center of its body with row after row of razor sharp teeth. It was an Otyugh of some sort, had to be, nothing could be as ugly as that and not meet the descriptions. It crawled toward Eldacar whipping both of its tentacles in an attempt to grab him. The pain hurt, but it could be worse. Eldacar glanced up the slope and saw both Kaznak and Zarzathor moving in as well. The warlord was shouting orders, wanting to retreat, but the rest of the party was having none of it.
Like I said, it was a pretty good night. We had some level ups at the end of the night and folks are progressing along nicely.

On Sunday The Other Half and I did some errands to include prepping for a garage sale (Yippee...) and had an early lunch. I bolted to the Shoppe as we were having a going away party for Becky. It was a great gathering, about 80+ folks at time. Lots of food and a good time. Becky cried from the moment she walked in to at least when I left. The highlight was her and Angie going all Office Space on the old printer. Having worked their it was a real sucky printer.

While at the Shoppe my copy of the new Race for the Galaxy expansion came in. Being the crack addict that I am, I talked Steve, Rob, and Eric to play a few rounds. I'll do a full review later, but we played three games.
  1. Steve took the first game with the Development strategy. He had 35 points after getting five or six <6> cards out.
  2. I barley took the second with a VP burn. I had 44 points, 20 from VP. Eric was close behind with 40 using the new military powers. He would have won if he got the conquest of Rob's world, but it missed in the end.
  3. Finally game I won pretty strongly. I had the Separatist Colony and some great early cards that let me put down some heavy Rebel worlds.
Good weekend. Just wish that I didn't have to go back to work.

Games.... Mmmmm....


Ellros said...

>>> The dragonborn warlord, the only way Splug could tell them apart was the armor, Zarzathor wore chain and plodded noisily to the stairs to cover the approach. The other dragonborn, this one a nasty paladin named Kaznak wore plate and moved forward to support. <<<

Other way around... Zarzthor wears plate, Kaz wears chain. Splug is as blind as the old man is deaf. :)

Paul said...

Ellros, you're just as wrong as the reporter was. Kaz wears scale, Zarzthor wears chain. Kaz covered the stairs, Zarzthor had the support role.

Zarzthor said...

Of course this statement is correct "Finally Eldacar the halfing, who was no thief".

JP's RPG Blog said...

Now, now... Lets all play nice. My bad on the armor, but I could have sworn that Kaz upgraded to plate and Zarzthor took the door. Oh well. :) It was a pretty good trap. This module's traps are working out much better then earlier ones.


Ellros said...

I've never played a thiefy thief with any version of Eld. I've always played the combat thief with the skillset aimed at stealth and defeating traps. 4th ed makes that kind of thief the norm it appears, since teamwork is prompted.

Are there any other classes that have Thievery as a Class skill to start with, out of curiosity?

Zarzthor said...

It's all good John. We just have to pick on Rob. It's a law you know.

JP's RPG Blog said...

I would just hate to see Rob end up in a bell tower with a high power rifle...

"I'm not that kind of thief!" Bam! Bam!