Friday, October 9, 2009

100 pounds gone... Forever!


Ive been in a stall the past two weeks and I have been hovering around 220 pounds every morning at the gym during that time. Stalls are common in the process, they can last 1 to 4 weeks, and they are just part of the process, so I wasnt worried about this being the end, but it was very frustrating knowing I was sooooo close to my first goal.

Achievement Unlocked!

This morning, after a grueling workout, I stepped on the scale and was pleasantly surprised to see 217.4 Just over 100 pounds from my high of 318. Hallelujah and pass the protein shake!

The process has been a great benefit to me, helping me adjust to what I should be eating. I havent been perfect, nobody ever is, but Ive been pretty good by and large and I am very happy with the results.

So New goal? 200 pounds. 20 more to go!

I also started a new workouts this week. Crossfit. It is like a cult in the gym. The work outs are very tough and I am not even coming close to the proscribed workout of the day. Todays routine (our group is 24 hours off from the official cycle) was:

21 - 95# Sumo dead lifts

250 Meter on the rowing machine

15 - Pull-ups

Wash and repeat for 20 mins The goal is to do as many as you can in that cycle in the allotted time.

Since Im just starting out and I just dont have the upper body strength yet so I did the following:

15 20# dumbbell Sumo dead lifts

250M row

9 Assisted Pull Ups

In the 20 minutes I finished three full cycles and started the sumo deadlifts again, but didnt finish.

My legs are killing me (a good thing), but I just feel like I could rock all day.

On the gaming front I hope to get at least one game of FoW with my Italians tonight at league night and then Saturday we have the continuing mis-adventures of the I cant believe we didnt get TPK gang.



Hey, Hey, Hey, Good-bye

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Adam said...

Congratz! I haven't been to a gym since highschool, but I do remember (for lack of a better phrase) how 'pumped' you could get for the remainder of the day.

Keep with it!