Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Plastic 'Jacks!

Holy Cow!

The preview page for the new Plastic Warjack kits are up and they are snazzy! Each one will make one of four different 'Jacks. My favorite is the Decimator.

It looks like it ought to be a Merc 'Jack with that buzz saw and gun. I'm glad he is Khador so I can include him in my slow grow once it comes out.

The next coolest is the Menoth Templar, which looks very nice and most likely have a sweet armor boost given the shield. Plus reach is rarely a bad thing.

I also really like the new Cygnar 'Jack. They have needed a two gun guy from early in the game and the Cyclone provides the needed fire power.

Finally the new Cryx 'Jack, the Corrupter, is plenty Cryxian. I like the bug head. :)

Painted, the plastics look great. I am hoping the hold up to day to day playing and really look forward to looking at the pieces when PP puts them out.

You can read more here.

I'm want'n a Decimator!

edit: Stupid Graphics...

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Adam said...

I'm really digging that Cryx Jack! Very creepy looking. The Templar also fixes just about every problem I had with Protectorate jacks.

However, I'm actually a little disappointed with the Cyclone and Decimator. It seems like PP changed the emphasis on the existing proportions.

For example, previously it seemed as though the bulbous shoulders of the Defender and Ironclad were the signature of the Cygnaran heavies. Similarly Khador has shifted from the big horizontal shelf that was the Khadoran frame to a more hunched (albeit sleek)look.

Ah well, maybe they'll grow on me.