Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rulic Love


Lots of love from Privateer Press for Mercs coming up. MkII is going to add some much needed synergy plus we have tidbits of new character units like the bounty hunter. However, as a Rulic player, a new heavy warjack is just fricken awesome. Check this guy out!
Is he cool or what. It is like a Gun Bunny on Steroids! Check out the rotation on the Privateer Gallery. Some grenades and most likely a slam for free type thing... maybe a free trample.

On Tuesday night I played a 750 game versus Chris. I used my Khador with Sorcha, shock troopers, widowmakers, man hunter, Kovnik, Destroyer, Juggernaut, Berserker, Mechanics, and Grey Lords. Chris fielded Epic Doomshaper with champs, hero, bubble generator, one of each diretroll (Mauler, Earthborn, Mulg), whelps, Bouncer. It was a very bloody game. Both of us had some heavy hitting units and I forced his main line to freeze so I could set up charges. My usual dice failure kicked, but I did a pretty good job of taking out his hard units/beasts. In the end it was Sorcha, three Shocktroopers, & Grey Lords with Mulg, Bouncer, Doomshaper. Forced Doomshaper to make a tough roll on the last attack I had, and he passed. Mulg was able to move just close enough to Sorcha and smush her dead with that big club of his.

Great game.

Go Gorten, Its your birthday!

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