Friday, October 2, 2009

Lets see if I can do better in October, shall we?

So last month I was pretty lame in my posting. Only 7 out of 30 days. Pretty sad to be honest. I offer no excuses and take full accountability for my own lameness.

To make admends, here are a few things going on in the world of games for me.

On the Brink - The new expansion for Pandemic finally made it to my grubby little hands. What I didn't know is that it is actually three expansions in one. In case the old game was just too easy (Yea, right), it offers three new challenges for the players:
  • Virulent Strains - Replaces regular outbreak cards with special cards that can do funky things and make it harder to kill off one of the strains
  • Mutation! - Adds a fifth color virus (Purple) to the mix with extra cards on how it comes into play... Making it harder to kill off the other strains
  • Bio-Terrorist - Adds a bad guy to the mix, where one player sits on the bad guy side and tries to keep the other players running... Making it harder to kill of the other strains...
Do you see a trend? :) In addition you get new 'Roles' that can be played and a much needed update to the Operations Specialist, new special player cards, a fifth player, and best of all, petri dishes to store all the little wooden viruses. Those were pretty cool. With out playing the game yet, my only negative I can say is that all the stuff doesn't fit in the main box any more, forcing you to carry both. I'll post playing views after Nuke-Con where I hope to get a game or two in.

Speaking of Nuke-Con, it is this weekend and I'm spending all day Saturday. I schedule several board games, but it looks like only Dominion will get in the mix, which is fine, because I've been really wanting to try it out. I'm also playing in Bob's White Line Nightmare game which should be a fun four hours. I'm also running a few rounds of Race for the Galaxy, assuming anyone signs up. Either way, it should be a good day of gaming. I'll post the outcomes of what I end up playing.

Must... Blog... More...


Squigherder said...

must blog more indeed

JP's RPG Blog said...

Yes... I've been a poor blogger of late. I suck, what can I say. :)