Monday, November 23, 2009

Long Weekend, Lots of Driving

Made it back to the Big 'O' this morning around 10am. The Eldest and I went to Canon to see my sister off on her next stage of her adventure. She is moving to Seattle area and since everyone was going to be near by we did an early Thanksgiving. The trip out was fine, left nice and early, but the return we got off late and given the bad fog I was tired by Grand Island and we had to stop and get a hotel room.

It was good to see everyone, in fact I saw some old friends I hadn't seen in years. Matt was a great buddy in High School and he is in Denver and sees my folks once every few months or so. He is looking at a conversion to civil service, like I did, but for DoE. I think he would be happy with the time off benefits as he is still big into shooting and know is into Dragon Boat Racing! How cool is that? It was great to see him.

Plus I got to see Jeff who is a part owner/brewmaster at McCleallan's Grill & Bar. I couldn't have the beer, but I was told it was as good as always.

Only gaming I got in was one game of Race for the Galaxy as a learner, one Pandemic, and a few games of

Not sure what gaming is planned for the weekend, but I did get my Weird War II book for the Savage Worlds system... Looks pretty interesting and will be useful if I can pull together a Weird War II campaign.

Are we there yet?

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