Sunday, November 15, 2009

Saturday Game Action

I got to head over to Steve's a bit early on Saturday to play my last game of the Flames of War Slow grow. It as a good solid game against Steve's Italian Infantry force (1 full platoon with Carri squad in support). I ran the same 600 point list of a L6 HQ (3), 5 L6 platoon, 4 AB-41's, 1 Motorcycle Platoon, and the 20mm AA. Steve used the Infantry to camp on my objective and used the Carri as his assault side. I used my AA on the objective and ran everything else forward. Got some good MG shots on the platoon and assaulted doing well... Except for the 2IC in the Wabbi, that ended up killing four guys + the Company Commander when the L6's finally failed a moral to continue. The Motorcycle Platoon then rolled in, dismounted, and assualted the remaining Infantry platoon, to get to the objective. However, the Carri Squad rolled the AB's and was threating the dug-in AA guns, but just couldn't pull it off. I won, but by an ugly 4-3. It was a solid game and I had a good time playing against Steve as always.

Eric showed up just as we finished and we played tho hands of Race for the Galaxy. Eric was having no luck at all and couldn't get the cards to come out for him. Steve made it a close game on the first one, but I one by a few points with the Galactic Developer. Second game I massed 52 points to Steve's 47 using the Separatist Colony, a solid military build, but the <6> cards for explore bonuses (worth 11 I think) and the development bonus.

We then broke out Agricola which is fast becoming one of my favorite games. Eric and I were running head long with Steve having some resource issues. I played an occupation that limited the player's ability to collect their goods timely which really slowed down their development, allowing me to sprint ahead a bit. With the Sheep Farmer and a fence builder bonus I was able to fill up many spaces, plus the plow allowing me to plow 3:1 actions helped me fill up the board quickly. Close game with me having 38, Eric 32, Steve 9.

Steve's lady friend and her friend came over and we started a game of Talisman. It was the GW 4th edition with the Fantasy Flight add-on. It went pretty well, kind of slower playing then I remember, but I had to bail out near the end as it was getting late.

Solid Saturday of gaming. Good times! :)

Game On!

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