Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zombies on the road

Out in Seattle area since Thursday and spent Friday night and today with an old collage buddy. We went to Zombieland last night and had a great time. The movie was very funny and the graphic nature was so over the top as to make it comical. I only jumped once, when the clown came under the bathroom stall. Stupid clown.

I thought that Emma Stone did a good job as did the entire cast. Woody Harrelson, playing the lovable brute, his strength, was funny as well.

After the movie, Julian broke out some old stuff he has held since college and returned my old copy of Top Secret and Champions `1st edition. Wow... Talk about old school. We had a great Top Secret campaign going in college where I remember running gun battles in the African jungle. Good times. :)

This afternoon we are off to the Science Fiction and Music Experience museum. I'll post more about how that has gone later, but it should be pretty cool.

Rule #4 - Double Tap

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Adam said...

I hate Snowballs! :P