Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Touchlight Update


So after the marathon download, I ran Touchlight and it booted up nice and easy in Vista.  You get three classes to play; Melee, Shooty, Magicy  The art is borderline cartoon, but in a hip sort of way that I actually like.  I started the game on easy, because I suck, and ran for about 45 minutes before bed.  The interface is pretty intuitive (click to move or attack w/ melee, right click to shoot/magic what is active in the slot).  The neat mechanic that I like is that you get a pet companion, either a cat or a dog, that accompanies you on your adventures.  They even carry a little backpack to help with the inventory control and have a few item slots that can give them bonuses.  The rest of it looks a lot like Diablo  Red health potions, blue mana potions, scrolls to identify, scrolls to teleport to town  The magic uses gems to increase abilities on items.  LOTS of slots to equip things too.

My understanding is that the mines/dungeons are pseudo random, in that they pull upon some finite number of pre made dungeons, but put together in a random format.  This is suppose to increase replayability by not making every 1st level crawl the same, etc

Leveling is pretty straight forward.  You have just a few stats; Strength, Dexterity, Magic, Defense.  You get five points a level to increase those four stats  The others are derived from those.  You also have skills, spells, and (mystery slot I cant remember) that allows you to buy bonus powers.

Ill post more as I move along the game.

Also the news reader tells me that the new Nemo fig is posted and it is suppose to be cool.  Cant see from current location, so Ill have to check it out tonight.


Killer of zombies


Adam said...

The Nemo figure is pretty amazing. Just a heads up: someone found February's releases as well.
- Cygnar Faction Book
- Captian Cara Sloane (WC)
- Widomaker Marksman
- Winterguard Rifle Corps (10)
- Exemplar Cinerators (5)
- Warwitch Siren
- Rutger Shaw (solo)

Neat stuff!

JP's RPG Blog said...

I saw that on the news reader too. Rifle Corps? Hhmm... And hear I thought I had all my units picked out.

Silly Rabbit


Adam said...

I'm lucky I decided to follow in Sam's footsteps and do a WG theme right off the bat!