Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dayton in the reaview mirror...

Well, not exactly.

I'm sitting in the Airport in Dayton OH typing my blog on my new 'toy'. I'm not a big fan of business travel, namely because I am so big and I hate the tiny seats and crappy service from the air lines, this time provided by our friends at United. Oh the Joy!

The trip was a mixed bag. Nothing great for business outcomes, but I did develop a 13 plus encounter outline for the gang's next adventure series after we finish off the Thunder Spire. After all, you have to have priorities. :)

The Spire should take a few more sessions, plenty of things to explore and get in trouble. I estimate that the gang should be around the 6-7th level mark when we finish up, which, if I remember stats right will be about right for what I want to accomplish. I would tell you the gory details, but I think that the only people who actually read this blog are the ones that playing! After all loose lips sink ships :) Or is it a big deception to throw you off the scent? Only time will tell... Mahhahahahahhahaha!

Other then business travel, not much new to report. I didn't even turn the TV on at the hotel as I spent the time listening to Pandora on the Intertubes and playing, you guessed it, Spider Solitaire. Stupid game.

Crap! I gjustt got dive bombed by a black bird here in the Dayton Airport! Birth place to aviation my ass! What kind airport lets birds freely roam the inside of the airport. The eaves must be full of bird droppings... Ewwww... And I thought Omaha was backwards! :) I keed, I keed. :)

I am also proud to announce that I made it through an entire trip with out the evil fried potatoes. I even worked out once. If I hit the gym in the morning, then I'll be all even in the end. Soda. That's a different story.

Damn bird. I think it after by $1.50 sandwich that cost me $10 in Dayton Airport.

Here is to hoping that I can get out on Saturday. That is my plan. I think that a new Dragonborn Paladin should be entering the fray!

Holy Cow... They just did a giant 'Bing Bong the local time is 530.' I could here it better then the flight announcements. Shessh! This place is scary... I want to go home. No bird strikes, no bird strikes!

Defeated by Birds and Dayton

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