Sunday, January 4, 2009

An Update on the Rez


With the big chunk of the first week of January done, thought I would share an update on the old resolutions so far. It is a mixed bag, and in all honesty a bit early, but I thought I would do it any ways.

A bit of explanation on the graphic. This is the work side of me coming out. The color indicates the current status, green being relatively good, red bad, and yellow in limbo. The arrows indicate if the 'trend' is moving up/down or staying the same. No real empirical stats being tracked, mostly just my 'gut' feeling. So some highlights...
  • Blog: As evidence from this post, I'm green and in the frame of mind to continue posting. :) Lucky you!
  • 4e: Rob wanted to run his for a week or two, but everyone seems interested to get back to the Thunderspire. See below for a quick summary.
  • Board Games: I'm working on a devilish plan to get the regular guys to play. Mahhhh!
  • Gym: Heading in the morning. My first opportunity to be honest.
  • Fries: Zero Fries = good
  • Soda: Bad, bad, bad... Had three Diet Cokes for the game night tonight
  • Nice to Partner: She would say no. I would say it has been near imposable to be so. I'll call it a draw and go with it.
Sunday afternoon we had a 4e session. An odd time, but given the craptasitc ice storm on Saturday it was the safest thing we could have done. Rob was running his Forgotten Realms campaign where I'm running a Dwarf Cleric of Tempest. I usually don't get to set in as on my free nights I'm running, so my Dwarf 'magically' appears when I can play and hides in the corner when I'm gone. Since Rob has two or three of us like that it keeps the party a guessing game. Three encounters with the second being a bad ass vampire that nearly kicked our butts to the mythical TPK. It took every daily and encounter and a bit of luck to finally drag him down. Truly a beast!

Had a good time, just wish I was more involved for story consistency.

Off to bed as work in the morning is calling. Oh yea! I'm am so happy about that!

Night all!

Killer of Vamps

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